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Wasn't sure whether or not to post this here or in the Motorsport I opted for here, given that I'm gonna explain why I didn't hear news of his death till yesterday.

Given all the hype about Goerge Bests death and how sad it is blah blah bloody blah...I think that the tabloids and news teams etc forgot to mention the death of a British Rallying Legend. Given that Richard died from a brain tumour any not anything self inflicted. Now, I'm not one to talk ill or the in my opinion this needed to be said and I think it's wrong that I heard about this in a small artical in the back of a Motoring Magazine :2cents:

RIP Richard Burns!

posted by  Cliffy

Football always gets priority on the news. I think it happened last week but only found out from another forum.

posted by  fudge

Yeah...about 10 days ago I think. I think the papers had a little bit in regarding him....but probably only a little article :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

This is the first I'm hearing of it...but if there was such thing as a car gossip magazine, everyone would have known about it by now :ohcrap:

RIP Richard

posted by  chris_knows

I only heard about it because I was bored at work and stumbled across a small artical at the very back (all be it the motorsports section) of a magazine...He was a good bloke who left behind a young family....I remember, he was on one of Jeremy Clrkson's video's back in the late nineties...*reminices*

I believe his (or someone elses, co-driver died in a crash recently, too :ohcrap: )

posted by  Cliffy

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