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i was wondering if it was worth mi while to modify mi four banger? its pretty new and i plan to have it for a while. any suggestions would be great. im thinking maybe something to enhance performance. Its an infiniti g20...1994...3.4 liter thats all i know. just tell me if u need to know something looking for more acceleration and/or speed.

posted by  dammlax

well what kind of car is it?

posted by  mx3_monster

Of course it can be worth your while to modify a 4 cylinder (as it doesn't it's really matter how many cylinders you really have). You might get some more help/suggestions if you could tell us what kinda car it's in, how big the engine is and maybe alittle bit more information on what you want from it.

posted by  car_crazy89

Is no one else noticing he said 3.4 litre 4 banger? i have news for you, its a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine, not a 3.4 litre. Currently there is no asian car manufacturer who uses 3.4 litre of displacement in anything besides 3.4 would be for a V6 if they did make one. Why did you think the car is named the G20? The 20 stands for displacement, its Infiniti's naming scheme: G35; 3.5L V6, M45; 4.5L V8, M35; 3.5L V6.

posted by  aerith

I was wondering if its very difficult to put a new intake into my G20. I found a couple that are made for it and I was wondering if anyone knows any good sites where I could find one? and again if it would be difficult toput a new one in. It says it should fit right where the stock one was but i donno if i should trust that or not. reply soon thanks.

posted by  dammlax

Changing an intake is childs play. It doesnt really add much power, 10 or so for a cold air kit.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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