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hey guys i was looking at some audiobahn 8" subs and i was wondering if audiobahn is any good because i herd some bad stuff about them draining alot of amp power and not lasting long? are all thsoe things true is audiobahn really good or bad?? and whihc 8" model would you prefer to get?? if audiobahn is good?

posted by  nick27

nope audiobahn should never be taken seriously when it comes to car audio

posted by  Stem

A) Audiobahn blows

B) 8" sub? why bother.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Audiobahn is junk, dont even bother with them, everything is overrated and is built poorly.

There are SEVERAL 8's better than Audiobahns.

CDT makes a good 8".
Resonant Engineering makes a good 8".
Elemental Designs makes a good 8".

There are several out there.

posted by  thunderbird1100

A) Correct.

B) Sub size doesnt matter for anything except for ultra-low end extension. A slong as you dont care about playing 25hz at insanely powerful levels. An 8" Might be great. I once remember a friend and I built a HUGE ported box for two 6.5" woofers (I think it was 1.8cu-ft tuned to 27hz). We went around town asking people thought what we had, almost everyone said "Two Twelves?", a few even said "OH, those are 15's!". Then when they saw it they couldn't believe two 6.5's could put out so much bass, each woofer was getting 150rms.

When I ran my four 8's, I couldn't notice a HUGE difference between them and my two 15's. Both were getting the same power. The only way you could tell a huge difference in output was below 35hz.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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