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HEY thunder im back to bug you again hehe...

So ive decided to get a 15" RE SX for christmas, so i was wondering if my hifonics 1000d can power it? hehe fairly simple question but on the re site it just provides various statistics.. but no rms or anything. And besides i dont even know what the rms output on the hifonics is ahahah, i heard the true outage of it is probably 850.

posted by  Stem

Man, the SX is one serious sub, you have the money for one of those? I think direct from RE they are about $350 for the 15. Im not sure on it though, you'd have to call them up. Yeah, since it comes as Dual 2ohm the Hifonics will power just fine, it'll send a healthy 800-850rms to it. RMS rating on it is 1000rms (it's at the very top when you click on the ".ts" box"), so you still have more room if you wanted to send more power to it later with a bigger amp.

posted by  thunderbird1100

yah but right now their doing their group buy, but their only offering to the continental 48 states, so im getting it off ebay, i kow the guy thats selling it from but yah it is a serious beautiful sub aint it, im getting my parents to get it for me. thanks for your help tho, ill be able to sell the volf for like 150 and thers some xmas money :mrgreen:

posted by  Stem

omg thunder i just got a 15" RE SX for $212 on ebay haha, i knew the guy that was selling it from, so anyway, why i need your help again... I CANT FIND ANY BOXES FOR IT :banghead: :banghead: :ticking: RE suggests 3.5 cu ft ported tuned to 32hz, now i dont know how the hell to do tuning the ports, so ive been lookin on the internet, theres nothing on ebay, sounddomain, and nothing on google, do you have a good site you use? or can u help me find a box? i would make my own but i dont wanna mess it up and have it be to big or small, or mess up the tuning...

posted by  Stem

You're not going to find a pre-fab box to suit the needs. Bottom line.

You have two options here, you can pay a car audio shop about $100-$125 to build you a ported box to spec. OR, you can try for the first time to build your own box, which would end up costing you at most $30. You'd have to calculate how much 3/4" MDF you need to buy, but that, then all you have to buy is a speaker terminal for the back of the box (99 cents). Now, this is assuming you have the basic stuff for cutting wood. The hardest part is cutting out the cirular hole for the sub, which a jig saw/circular saw helps immensely, although you CAN do it without both, it will take an agonizingly long time. Now, it's better to run wooden (built out of the same 3/4" MDF) rectangular ports IMO, but you CAN do circular PVC piping ports, which are plenty easier.

Just go to here...

And you'll find out everything you need or want to know, how to tune the port correctly and everything.

Matter fact HERE:

is where you'll find what length and size circular tubing you would need for the port on that size box.

Matter fact I ran some numbers through the box size calulator and came up with these dimensions for the box...

For a gross volume of 3.507 cu-ft for the box I came up with these dimensions: 35.5" Width 17" Height 13" Depth (3/4" thickness of wood), that should fit just fine in the trunk.

For a CIRCULAR port tuned to 32hz in this size box using a port diameter of 3", you'll need a length of about 3.15". honestly though, I;'d tune it to something lower, 28hz would be killer. I've heard these bigger RE subs run to the mid-high 20s and they are monsters. For 28hz you'd only need 4.75" of port length.

posted by  thunderbird1100

AIGHT, I'm gonna take a whack at making my own. First question is should i run the sub at 1 ohm or 4 ohms, because the SX is a 2 ohm DVC. Second of all thanks for those dimensions, it helps alot cause i would spend god only knows how long trying to get a good fit. ALSO, i'll try to reference using this pic, courtesy of RE. What would G and H be... I can't figure out how to calculate it... But also where should the sub be placed?? Like 2" or so from the left side? IDK... Thanks much for all your help though, its much appreciated.

A=35.5" C=17" D=15.5" T=13" E=14.25" F=4.75" G=?? H=??

posted by  Stem

Just actually go by those box dimensions since they are spelled out nice and clearly so there is no guessing involved. G and H is simply the length of the rectangular port while F is the width of the port. they dont list the dimensions of G and H because it varies on how you want to tune the box. Try and search around for a box calculator for rectangular boxes, I dont have the time to right now, but if you go on a car audio forum (like sounddomain) they will probably have a sticky for a box calculator with rectangular ports.

There is no specific distance you have to place the sub from thew side, so as long as you dont put so far to the right that it bumps into the port. I'd just place it about 2-4 inches from the side.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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