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man, i was downloadin some music and my computer was takin over by some spyware called spyaxe and spytrooper, couldnt access IE to download any patches, my only hope was yahoo messenger chat forum. guys on there sent me some antispyware patches but they ended up not being enough to remove it so i was told to go and ended up just running msconfig and setting everything back to saturdays settings. anybody ever used the antispyware thing called ewido, guy suggested it on there for me to use. seems to have done the job. well anyways watch out for this thing, learned its some serious spyware that just takes over.

posted by  adamc44

Never heard of it, but I use Spy Sweeper, and scan at least every 2 days...I'm worried, so I'll scan now though :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

My parents bought me Norton, and I got Spybot for free. Norton isn't really that great considering you have to pay for it. Stuff gets through it all the time. Spybot usually catches things that Norton missed, and Norton catches things Spybot missed. I'll probably even download a few more free ones, because it seems like there is 10,000,000 more viruses/worms than there was 5 years ago.

posted by  giant016

I use ad-aware and norton, they both do well, but when we get a virus that wont be deleted we have to do it manually and that just plain sucks. On another note sometimes when you install several virus scanners in your computer then some of them might not function correctly

posted by  salimander13

Just watch what you download. Im currently only using Norton AntiVirus and Internet Security. Internet Security is pretty good, its not as good as Zone Alarm but its also not as restrictive. I use Firefox to browse instead of IE, because there are less viruses/spyware for Firefox. Plus, its faster, and takes less CPU power overall then IE. To download music, i use Limewire, all the songs work and its spyware free.

posted by  aerith

Might want to download FrostWire...I heard it has even more protection than LimeWire :wink2:

And not all songs work, I've downloaded quite a few corrupt songs, which is really irritating, but at least it doesn't happen very often...

posted by  chris_knows

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