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One of the quickest most legit ways to get cash via Internet

Below you are granted with a tutorial to one of the easiest ways to literally skyrocket your monthly income for free. This isn't a scam... and I, Jody Mitoma, am dead serious about that statement. The basics of 12DailyPro is that you put cash into the site, autosurf 12 sites everyday for 12 days (takes 5 minutes), then get 144% of the amount you innitially put into the site at the beginning of the 12 days. A quick example: If you put $100.00 into the site on day one, on day 12 you would finish off with $144.00 if you surfed the 12 sites required each day. For a more thoroughly explained tutorial, simply follow along below.

Oh, and if you're even THINKING of hitting that back button simply because you don't think this shit is possible, get yourself a coffee, sit your ass down and keep on reading. I'm NOT going to let you off that easy.

Monday, December 11th, 2005 - I took the time to sign up to the worlds most popular and well known Autosurfing program on earth, bypassing the previously top-known autosurfer; StudioTraffic. According to Alexa, is currently ranked the 954th most visited site on the planet. Just to give you an idea of how intensively huge 12DP actually is; There are well over 10 billion (10,000,000,000) websites on the world wide web and 12DP is currently in the top 0.00001%, while the site you are surfing right now;; is ranked somewhere closer to 2.5 billionth (2,500,000,000).... The tutorial continues via the link below with proof pictures and links provided.


THE TUTORIAL: -----------------
THE TUTORIAL: ---------------

ADD ME TO AIM: haloevo1987

I'm dead serious about this and hope you can be too.

posted by  haloevo


posted by  windsonian

"Sell the farm, Ma! I've found me one a them there foolproof get rich quick schemes!" :banghead:

posted by  giant016

yes... apparently it's been up since april of this year.

one of the members I've heard of has already managed to make an INCOME of over $60,000.00 from this site... by simply autosurfing. Dude it's your loss if yo don't want to sign up... :orglaugh:

posted by  haloevo

damn...guess im out 60,000 back to work like the rest of the real sir are a parasite and i am as interested in your crap as i am in sticking a stick into that giant turd i just took to see what was in it that made it soo big. in other words not really. :thumbs: good luck with that.

p.s your mom called from upstairs she says dinner is ready

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

awww nga awwww

posted by  haloevo

I'll give someone $5 to invest $20 in it for me, and search, or whatever the hell you're supposed to do...

Why did you copy and paste the text? :screwy:

How much did you make from this site?...I want pictures :hi:

I wonder where CF is ranked from all the sites? :smoke:...probably like the top 10 :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Alright, who the hell is gonna pay me THAT much to do some autosurfing? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "FREE CASH". Nothing in this world is free. If you could invest money, and get 144% back with no risk, wouldn't the stock market crumble? I don't want to read the tutorial, could you please tell me who is going to pay me 144% of my original investment, and why they think that it's profitable for them to give me $ to sit on my ass for 5 minutes?

posted by  giant016

Just another pyramid scheme. Get a real job lazy ass. :laughing:

posted by  97Talonchik

hahaha.... guys, just take the time to seriously read the tutorial and you'll understand that this shit is 100% serious business... They site gets paid via heavy advertising and member upgrades, ect... read up.

posted by  haloevo

there are picture and post proof provided in the tutorial...

posted by  haloevo

What does that prove? I can make a picture of me in a Carrera GT with a buttload of girls in there...

posted by  chris_knows

im on quite a few forums besides this one and i NEVER see that many people posting stupid advertisemtns like on this site. wonder why everyone wants to advertise on this site so much? i know theres a lot of members, but really most poeple are only on here for what, one question and never comeback? just kinda has me wondering what attracts advertisers here.

posted by  adamc44

Because except for one, it has lazy, incompetent and absent moderators. This site doesn't get any more spam, it justs stays around longer.

posted by  vwhobo

Let's lock this thread, ban this moron, and move on.

Free money doesn't exist, the end, case closed.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

sounds like hobo is after the mod job
go for it lmao
sorry but your always dissin the mods you really want the job it seems
100 gets me 144 after 12 days huh
22 bux a week guess i'll quit my day job now

posted by  windman

He already has been a mod, but quit...probably too much sh!t to put up with, with some idiot members, and ads...But Adam, if you're reading this, I'm here :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

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