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This happened earlier in the season between Calgary and my team Vancouver...

(if it takes long to load, just let it load, then watch it when it loops, its a gif file :cussing: )


posted by  Mathew

hahahaha idiot. :orglaugh:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Pffft Vancouver... choose a real team like Ottawa :laughing: j/p that's myfrinds favourite team too.

Funny video.

EDIT: Didn't pay enough attention at first, why must two Canadians teams treat eachother like that, save it for the Americans :doh: :wink2:

posted by  car_crazy89

:orglaugh: :orglaugh: :orglaugh: That's what happens when they go on strike for a year :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

well if you look the Vancouver douche sucker actually tripped him cuz hes too pussy to throw down like a real man, see the calgary guy, i bet the vancouver guy said "hey hows it goin", and within seconds our flames were gunna tear him a new one, cuz we do things like that, then the vancouver guy hooked his leg with his stick and got on the bench to jerk off the rest of his team

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I like how he still reached for his mouthpiece even though his leg was already hooked

posted by  salimander13

pussy, shouldve just stood up like a man and fought him, instead of tripping him

posted by  Stem

Hye off topic but how do you make gifs from video clips?

posted by  GreekWarrior

He didn't hook him you morons. Pay real close attention, you can see that A) Phaneuf's like 6 feet away from him, and B) Ruutu's stick stays in the same place even after he falls down. Plus, Ruutu didn't get a tripping call, Phaneuf just got an instigator for it. No trip. Just plain clumsiness. Jarkko Ruutu will fight anyone, so long as they are standing up :laughing:

And I'm not going to get in a hockey argument with anyone, except to say that Ottawa is my second favorite team (car_crazy89), but we kicked your asses last week :thumbs: .

Tonight's menu....fried Edmonton with extra oil.

posted by  Mathew

tripped nuff said stfu

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Are you an idiot? Watch the video and how the guy's head watches as he moves his hand so he can trip him.

posted by  Pythias


^ explains it, as well as what pythias said.

also interesting point, his left leg FLEW upwards.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Nice work, hey anytime you want to give me that routine would be good. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

...Thats because it was infront of the guys Right leg and behind his left leg... it doesn't look like it from your pic so I saved it to my comp and opened it in windows picture and fax viewer and it is indeed infront of his right leg but behind his left. Do the same then right click adn zoom in and you can clearly see the stick, just not on your picture.

posted by  Pythias

man o man....im still looking for it, i thought i knew where it was - ill find it tomorrow for sure :thumbs:

posted by  dodgerforlife

actually, you can tell from the pic....the blade isnt showing on the right side of the left leg - no line on the red sock ;)

posted by  dodgerforlife

...? I'm saying that on HIS right leg, our left the stick was infront of it, and on HIS left leg, our right the stick was not infront of it.

posted by  Pythias

Haha damn you, and technically they aren't my team (as I'm from Peterborough and we only have the Peterborough Pete's lol). I just think Ottawa is a lot better then what people made them sound a couple years ago (when they almost went bankrupt).

If I read it right, the Sens are still kickin' ass (#1), they're just letting some of the losing teams to catch up :wink2:

posted by  car_crazy89

Ottawa handed Toronto's ass to them tonight - 8-2...

posted by  dodgerforlife

I watched the game and it was not a trip. It looks like it from that blurry zoomed in picture, but its just an optical illusion. Theres no way Ruutu would have had the strength to flip the guy down with one hand on the end of his stick. There was no tug, and no reaction by Ruutu. Besides which, there was no tripping call, none of the commentators mentioned it. All they did was laugh at him falling down and show the replay. It wasn't a trip so get a ****ing clue and stop trying to pretend you know something. You didn't see the game, you're just analysing a blurry gif file. It was meant to be a funny video, not "solve the mystery" for immature little nerds. :thumbs:

Oh and before anyone decides to call me on the VAN-EDM game, we lost in OT.

posted by  Mathew

Whoa buddy. Explain Ruutu's arm movement, the stick movement, Phanuef's left leg movement, the image I enlarged(how is it an optical illusion, the line of the blade would show up black against the red sock, and if you follow the line of the stick, it all matches up. Enlarge the stock photo, and then compare it against the one I enlarged, no doctoring.). Furthermore, it wouldn't take much strength to pull someone off their feet when they have one leg on the ice(if you watch the clip, Phaneuf was lifting his right leg at the moment Rutuu pulled his arm back, and Phaneuf's left leg started to go out from under him), and are going backwards, and your tugging against them.

Seems that everyone here agrees it was a tripping but you, and we backed it up. You just seem to be going with what the colour commentators said, as well as the referees call. I very rarely believe referees unless it is blatent. I have seen some of the most ignorant calls in sports - IE - 25 yard penalty for QB not lined up to take the snap, when the fullback was legally lined up to take the snap, and had called the play, making him the legal man to take the snap. So when a referee calls some bullshit Instigator call on what everyone else will call a tripping...yeah...speaks volumes about the referees call. The other thing that has to be realized is that referees are not omnipotent, they can not see everything that happens. Five bucks on the referee looking over and seeing Phaneuf with his gloves off, and Ruutu climbing into the bench.

As for your comment about "immature little nerds", I'm not the one telling you to get a "****ing clue".

posted by  dodgerforlife

Hahahahaha, funny stuff. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

Good call doing that in front of your own bench.

posted by  ChromeDome

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