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ok is it possible to put car subs for your stereo system like the alpine type r`s instead of cerwin evgas will they work there the same ohms as my cv`s??? just abit mroe powerfull

posted by  nick27

Power Handling is probably a hell of a lot higher on the Type R's. They are power hungry little bastards, and I doubt your stereo could push enough to make them really move.

posted by  dodgerforlife

my amp pushes out 115 watts per channel would im sure it would make a big diff in bass wise compared to cv. :laughing:

posted by  nick27

Are you unable to read, or do you choose not to?

The Type-R's will take at least a good 400 to start moving...then you could probably toss a good 600-700 at them and they would love it. 115 is NOT going to cut that. Not even to mention that they are a SUBwoofer....your tower speakers more then likely use a WOOFER...which are two different things.

Furthermore, ALL Alpine Type-R's are DVC....good luck wiring that in properly.


posted by  dodgerforlife

yeah and then you have to factor in the element of magnet power... :smoke:

posted by  enron fever

I disagree, if wiring's holding you back, then I suggest you are the "douche"

posted by  windsonian

ok i didnt know those type r`s need so much power.but i have another wuestion the floorstanding speakers i have knwo i just got the specs their 8 ohms 125watts rms and my amp pushes out 115 rms at 8 ohms could i damage my speakers or cause clipping? btw im not sure how clipping happens could you exlpain? thanx

posted by  nick27

Yes, let's wire a DVC subwoofer into a SVC woofer application, and see how well it works.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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