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Thought you guys would like these. I have had the privliage of seeing this car in action MANY times, he is part of a local car-club/forum/thing Im in.

hes actually selling it on ebay so if you want something fast...He'll ship

Camaro ss VS N2O'd C6 Z06 (HTTP://www.rsxtaci.com/TRMIN8R/trmin8rvsfisnakes.wmv)
VS a Ford GT (http://www.rsxtaci.com/TRMIN8R/trmin8rvsfordgt.wmv)
VS 850 WHP Hellion Turbo'd Mustang (HTTP://www.rsxtaci.com/TRMIN8R/trmin8rvshellioncobra.wmv)

Thanks Pikd!

posted by  Zalight

Only the second one worked...but WOW...What car was the one that beat the GT? That was just crazy!! :rock: :hi:

Nice find :clap:...just that the other 2 don't work

posted by  chris_knows

just take out the E in TERMIN8R in the 1st and 3rd link, and they'll work. :thumbs:

posted by  pik_d

Links are fixed

His car is Camaro SS with lots of bolt-ons and a 200 shot of n2o.

Full mod list here (http://racingsouthwest.com/forums/index.php?&act=garage&CODE=12&CID=457)
He hasn't updated that garage though, His best numbers NOW are 640RWHP and 650RWTQ on a 200 shot

posted by  Zalight

Dyno #'s Best n/a- 414RWHP/378RWTQ
Best n2o- 638RWHP/649RWTQ

he has it updated. :mrgreen:

i still wanna know how he keeps with a mustang putting out 850hp... :screwy:

posted by  pik_d

his car is a freak. I dont understand it either.

posted by  Zalight

He probably wins because his power curves are better, and he hits peak power at lower RPMs than the Mustand/Z06...or at least that's what I like to think :smoke:

BTW Why does it say that it is computer generated?

posted by  chris_knows

Because he doesn't want to incriminate the website in any illegal activity.

posted by  Zalight

nice vids, I don't know if its just me, but did it seem like the cobra gave up than lose? There was a car in front of him after all....

posted by  salimander13

well yea, but for having 200hp more... he didnt pull ahead as much as i would have though...

posted by  pik_d

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