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well, i finished classes like a week and a half ago, but today was my last final (yea, a week and a half later, how dumb eh?).

so i wont have a pc for a short while. im planning on buying the motherboard i need by the end of december, so ill be back full time like in the old days by january. cant buy it now since im planning on buying the gf a nice ring for a christmas gift, just so she calms down since we havent been through the best of times lately.

also, i need vacations..... playing halo 2 with friends and getting drunk in San Juan. ill try to drop by every now and then.

btw, for those of u with xbox live, if i manage to play online with my friend's account, the SN is "wrekk". if not, we are most probably playing gamecube (that damn thing is addictive).

anyhow, merry christmas to everyone (yes, even hobo, he's handy when u really need him), and a happy new year.

PS: sorry i havent shown the pictures of how i have progressed on the Supra, or the red ps2, but my friend with who's camera i took pics of got lazy and never sent them..... hence why i didnt give him any answers in today's test ;)

posted by  Inygknok

Take care man and enjoy your 'short vacations'. Don't do anything to get into TOO much trouble and good luck with the gf :thumbs: See ya when you come back.

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

posted by  car_crazy89

Have fun...drink one for me :thumbs:

What games do you play on XBOX Live? Mine's Wired_Spade...

posted by  chris_knows

Have fun!....*Pours him a glass of mulled wine....and a pint, too*.....Merry Christmass, too! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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