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....What kinds of Hot Rods, Tuners, etc. would you build? And I mean specifically, what kinds of ideas have you come up with lately?

A few ideas I've had recently,

A T-Bucket with a Packard-Merlin 27liter aircraft V-12 engine.

A Black, 1971 Dodge Challenger with a blown dual carb 426 hemi. All chrome that would otherwise be on the vehicle, would be replaced with copper plating covered in a clear enamel to prevent corrosion. and a big flame/demon paint job to top it all off.

A Ford/Dodge/Chevy, F350/Ram 3500/3500HD pickup truck (duallie), with the engine replaced by a twin-supercharged 512/540 Hemi/572 big block engine, and relocated into the bed of the truck. install a heavy suspension drop, high performance wheels, tires, brakes. Independant Rear Suspension. and finish it off with a bed cap.

A Blown, LS7 DeLorean. What else is there to say?

IROC-Z Camaro with a twin-turbocharged ramjet 502 big block V-8, with engine, drivetrain, and suspension optimized for road racing.

A Dual-Engine, all wheel drive, all wheel steering, 1991 Grand am, with off-road tires, and off-road suspension. A supercharger would be equipped to each engine, after they're converted to tuned port fuel injection that is.

a completely custom designed supercar, carbon fiber frame, fiberglass body panels. powered by a 12 liter, Quad-turbocharged, Dual over Head cam, 64 valve, 16 cylinder engine; feeding into a seven speed Manumatic double overdrive transmission. (a desperate attempt to hit 300 MPH in a production automobile.)

1970 AAR Cuda, cloned. G-machine Pro Tour build.

440-500 Wedge motor w/ 150-200hp direct port nitrous injection. 500rwhp N/A.
A727 w/ Gear Vendors 6-speed planetary and low gearing, 3.55 FD. Top speed 180.5mph.
Upgraded and lightened suspension, body, brake, and assorted parts; body stiffening. 3200lb goal w/ comfort
Goals: 0-60 under 5 seconds, quarter mile under 11 seconds, skidpad 0.90g+, slalom at least 68mph.
-1968 Plymouth GTX, black on black, 5.7L Hemi w/ MDS for daily driver.

-2006 Corvette C6 Z06 w/ 800TT Lingenfelter package so I can try to peg out the built-in accelerometer.

-Lotus Exige and Caterham SuperSeven, as is.

Shelby GT350, Shelby GT500, Mustang Boss 429

-something with a 426 Hemi, something with the Chevy 427, and something with the Ford 427 Cammer

-Jeep XJ Cherokee with stroked and built 4.0 I-6 motor outputting at least 350HP. 6" longarm lift, 35" tires, 20k in offroading goodies including Klune drive, ARB bumpers, ARB in-cab lockers, hydraulic winch units back and front, external rollcage, etc.

Let's hear some other people's crazy (or not so crazy) ideas!

posted by  99integra

Wow Steven, looks liek you like to think BIG.

I have nothing as complicated or unreachable like that, but I have a few simple 'customs' I wouldn't mind doing sometime (and I'm sure more will come to mind in time).

Right now I would like to make a 1995 Honda Civic a RWD with only a 350 smallblock and keep it as stock looking as possible (until I did stuff like wheels, bodykit/lip kit, etc).

Next would be usuing an older VW Beetle to make a 9 or ten second 'custom rat rod'. Chop the top a few inches, suicide the doors, and a few other things with a nice flat black paintjob with alittle touch of dull yellow/orange flames.

Then I'd also like to take a late 80's Chevy S10 or GMC S15 and chop the top off, add a hard tonneau cover, some nice Cragars/Torque Thrusts (15x7 and 16x9), throw in a cheap 350 smallblock (cause they're cheap), 2 bucket seats and a center console, Cadillac taillight conversion, suicide doors, front/rear rollpans, 3" and 4" drop and a few other things.

Then there's just the regular want of old Muscle cars (which I won't name as I'd be here forever).

posted by  car_crazy89

Wow...that's a pretty crazy list there...I'll start making my list, and put it up a little later...

posted by  chris_knows

One thing I would do would be dropping in a 5.0 DOHC (4.6li bored out) into my car, and making all the other necessary modifications to bring the engine's stock output to around 300hp 385 Torque. That'd be pretty nice.

posted by  Pythias

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