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I currently have standing these 6 subwoofers
(2) Kenwood Typhoons
(2) Volfenhags
(2) JLw3s

Now every sub is 12'' in size. I know the kenwoods are 800watt peak, and the volfenhags are 1000 watts a piece... not entirely sure about the JLs... but I was wondering what kind of enclosure should I use.. and what amp would be the best to use with each pair. I want to push them, but not blow them. Any suggestions?????

posted by  Metzger

well it depends if your willing to spend alot of money or not alpine jbl jl audio all make beautiful clear amps but there not exactly cheap. the jls would need a minimum sealed box of 1.25 cubic feet not sure about the volfenhags but the kenwoods you could go alot smaller they dont nned that much room as the jls. now for the amps...... the jls would go good with the new alpine amps the mrd-m1005. for the volfenhags go with the jl 1000/1 monoblock amp sure give enough power to your subs. and for your kenwoods get the jl 500/1 amp. dont forget these a,ps arent cheap :thumbs:

posted by  nick27

Why in the blue hell are you mix n matching subs? that's going to look retarded and sound retarded, and need a titload of space. sell all 6 and get two 12" subs of a decent make, and get a nice amp to run them.

For instance, Adire Audio subs.

Even Shiva subs will own anything you have.

Should mate well with:

Now, Thunderbird is the amplifier wizard, so I'd listen to him for the amps more then me...I've never worked with one amp/two sub setups lol, always one to one for me ;)


Memphis ;)< br />
Should mate with that one quite well, again, double check with Thunderbird.

And I'm sure he has a few trick setups up his sleeve....

posted by  dodgerforlife

vibe amps are pretty good... but i dunno if you can get vibe in the states? :mrgreen:

posted by  Mk3golfer

when you have teh ub3r 1337 intarweb you can get anything you want ;)

Edit: Theres Vibe....and then there is Lanzar Vibe series.... :doh: but you can still order overseas ;) Just not cheap.

posted by  dodgerforlife

I won't be mixing and matching subs... The Kenwoods are in my Isuzu, the JL's are going in my Civic..and the Volfenhags are going in my dad's Solara.. :)

posted by  Metzger

im stil going with the alpine mrtd-m1005 amp with the jls they sound amazing :thumbs: herd a guy with them beeautiful bass

posted by  nick27

bump ^ :thumbs:

posted by  Metzger

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