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So there was a post up on a local forum about an elise for sale in my town so I thought I would swing by and scope it. And when I pulled up in the M I had like 4 salesman come up and talk to me because they all thought I was rich. I ended up talking to this one saleswoman and I told her I just paid off the M3, and I already had another, newer M3 that I used as a daily driver and I bought this for my weekend car and I had planned on making this one a complete track car. But then I had decided instead of putting lots of money into this, why not just buy a track car. I said I had heard something about the lotus they had and wanted to know more.

So she got all wet about the sale and pulled the car up front. i then proceeded to act like I knew nothing about the car and listened as she told me that the car came "with a v6" and that its "purely a race car". So then I asked if I could drive it just to see what she was talking about and she gave me the keys to sit in it but said she would have to talk to her boss.

So there I was standing all alone (well my friend was there) with the keys to a brand new lotus in my hand and nothing to stop me from stealing it for a quick joyride.

But I didn't steal it, instead I just sat in it, turned it on, revved it up and played with everything inside it. She came out ad said they would need to run a credit check fist. and of course I knew if they ran my credit they would know I was lying.

"How long does that take?"
"No more than 20 minutes."
"well, I have an appointment to be at in 35 minutes, with a 20 mintue credit ceck that only gives me about 5 minutes to test drive it before I have to leave. I mean, I an call off the appointment if I actually like the car after driving it to fill out some paperwork, but i wont call it off for a car I dont even know I'll like. How about this, we go drive it, right now WHILE your running my credit and if I like it I can call off the appointment, if I dont no harm no foul.

She bit her lip and got a little atnsy "well let me talk to my boss"

So my friend and I get all happy and pray to god that she lets me drive it. She comes back a minute later and says, "well my boss says we will run your credit now and then when you are finished with your appointment you can come back to drive it."

At this point I knew I wouldnt get to drive it, so I apologized andsaid I wouldnt be intersted anyway, cause it to small and left.

The point is though...Good times! :thumbs:

posted by  Zalight

Sorry for the shitty pic...It was a camera phone.

posted by  Zalight

Ah, too bad. Looks like you worked the salesperson pretty well though. If the boss hadn't intervened you may have had quite and interesting experience.

It does sound like the salesperson wasn't altogether with it though. A V6? That was interesting I bet. :laughing:

posted by  hondaman

Hahahaha damn so close, Just for shits and giggles I'm gona go down to a bmw, merc and ferrari dealer to see if I can test drive a car. I haven't even had my licence for a year. :laughing: Wish me luck. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Good luck... they should let you test drive almost anything. I've test driven a few cars it's good fun.

posted by  95civicdima

That would have been pretty fun...what was the interior like? :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

Itty bitty.

It was very spartan also, no carpet, just bare aluminum everywhere, when you pressed the clutch in you could here thte pedal clicking against the floor, all metallic like.

Oh and by the way...when I say itty bitty i mean FECKING SMALL!!!!11!!ONE!!!

When I was sitting in driving position, I could barely put it in first cause my knee got in the way. And if the roof had been on, I would not had fit.

posted by  Zalight

GAH! What did you do to your hair bro!

posted by  99integra

lol, Its still there! I just recently shortened it up a bit cause it was getting too long to put up.

posted by  Zalight

Lol, s'all good, need to die it purple now :hi: :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Whoa. Part of the reason I wanted my mom to test the B9 was just so I could go in my STi gear and then have one of the salesmen throw me the keys to one. Lol... :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Good story, I just finished reading 15 ways to get a test drive in C&D, and well it basicly said be honest about what you're doing or trick the salespeople into thinking you're actually interested in the car. But had her boss not been there, I bet she woulda let ME drive it...V6, what a loser. :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

When I worked as a lot guy at the Jaguar/Land Rover/Aston Martin/Bentley dealership, one of my jobs was to take the more expensive cars to this high end detail place. They had a Lotus Elise there and I got to sit in it while he told me everything he didn't like about it. Anyway, didn't get to drive it :banghead:

Apparrently those guys "test drive" everything that comes in, from Lambos to Ferraris, etc etc.

posted by  Mathew

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