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Ok, so I have many people ask how do create certain elements in photoshop, so I thought rather than PMing the same message over, I would create a post. I was hoping that we could share some tips and tricks on how certain "sigs"/ avatars are created.

This one is for Steve-O:

"Adding rain to your sig"

First, grab your image and open it in Imageready
I will choose a picture of a skyline as an example. Edit it with the crop or marquee tool to the sig of the sig you want.
Now, we need to switch to Photoshop

1. Then go to Layer > New > Layer… [Ctrl+Shift+N] A box will come up, Click Ok

2. Then we need to make it black so make sure your background colour is black Like so: (

3. Now to add some rain. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise
Here are the inputs

Then go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur and here are the inputs:

This step really depends on the angle of the car. Feel free t opaly around to get something that looks good :thumbs:

4. Then press Ctrl+L a box should appear then add the following inputs:

You should get the following: (

Ok repeat theses steps about 3-8 times (the more the times you repeat, the better the effect)

To be continued....

posted by  Voda48

Now we need to go Back to ImageReady so press Shift+Ctrl+M
Should take you back to ImageReady

go to Window > Animation should have a box like this: (
*** Edit, not the tween button, the copy frame button :banghead:
Once you have done that click on the first frame and go to the layers box to the right. Here is the tricky part, each frame should have a diff layer.So the first frame would be linked to layer 2

The second frame would be linked to layer 3

The third fame would be linked to layer 4... and so on

Example: (

Now change the layer to screen... mess with the opacity.... timing... and so on...
Note: the layer that you set to screen is the layer with the "noise" not the background layer.

Once you have found what you are looking for... Edit for size. then go to File-> Save optimized as -> Gif format

My end result:

Took ~ 5 minutes, the tut took longer :banghead:

posted by  Voda48

I made everything, but it doesn't move...I didn't have 4 layers of the rain, so I copied one layer, and set them all to screen, and played with opacity levels, but it won't move...any ideas?

BTW Great idea for a tutorial thread :thumbs:

EDIT: Played around, and made opacities more extreme, but now there's just changes in the lighting, and I can't save it as a .gif file...

posted by  chris_knows

1.) are the different layers completly different, or are they the same layer compied 4 times???

2.) Are you trying t osave it in Photoshop or Imageready????

Oh and Voda... :thumbs: Kudos for taking my advise on making a tutorial thread, its just what some of us needed (I'll play with photoshop tomorrow though, I work the moring shift and I should get some sleep.)

posted by  elchango36

The problem is when I use ImageReady...I right click on the layer, and go to duplicate layer, so everything is exactly the same, other than opacities...

posted by  chris_knows

You cant' do that, or else you wont get the proper effect. Each layer has to be different. If you just duplicate the layers and put them on top of eachother, all your going to see is when the layers move is the same layer. :banghead:

Read his directions again, he clearly says lather, rinse, repeat.

posted by  elchango36

You cant' do that, or else you wont get the proper effect. Each layer has to be different. If you just duplicate the layers and put them on top of eachother, all your going to see is when the layers move is the same layer. :banghead:

Read his directions again, he clearly says lather, rinse, repeat.

**I need to go to sleep :sleep: **

posted by  elchango36

Double post :laughing:

Thanks for clearing it up though...layers have been modified, but I still can't save it as a .gif for some reason...

posted by  chris_knows

Ok, try this: (
Here is another example:

posted by  Voda48

I'll have to see if I remember any of my old ones..some of them were damned nice...

posted by  dodgerforlife

Ok I'll just post up my sketch effect since this is the tutorial area. Heres the pic I use: Jessica (

First open the image you want to use of course and duplicate that image to a new layer. For mine I'll be using the beautiful jessica alba: (

Ok with our new layer selected we will desaturate it using ctrl+shift+u and now you should have something like this: (

Now still on the desat. layer make a copy of this layer and then with the second desat. layer invert it using ctrl+i and you should get something creepy like this: (

Alright now were getting there with your inverted layer select blending options and select color dodge. Your pic should be almost all the way white if not all white. With this like that go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and select an integer between 1-9 whichever will work out best on that certain pic. Fool around with it and your done. Heres my result of jessica alba. (

posted by  Spanky2324

Real nice man. I ahve used a simuliar tech for turning a picture of a car into what looks like a drawing concept.

Props for the tut :thumbs:

posted by  Voda48

That worked, thanks!! :thumbs:

Here's what I made...crude, but I'm still working it out...

Nice tutorial :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

Just got home from the bars..Ill try to give this a shot on Saturday when I dont work.

posted by  elchango36

duz it still work if i use photoshop elements, and no imageready?

posted by  ahoo

Prob not.... if you need PS with imageready just ask

On another note, that makes 1000 posts for me... I am such a whore.

posted by  Voda48

Ok first off congrats voda for reaching 1,000 posts but I thought I'd post up another simple tut for you guys since I was fooling around last night. This one is for night vision and is very simple.

Just open the pic you want and this time I'll be using a pic of some reindeer getting phunky lol:Reindeer pic (

Alright now we go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and use these settings(please note that I checked the colorize box): (

With that done now we need to give it a more grainy look. For this we will use Filter>Artistic>Film Grain with the settings set at 5,2,10

For the last step we will brighten it a tad more. Go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast and just add in +15,0

Now were all done and you should have came out with something like this: (

posted by  Spanky2324

Here's a little something I put together (first time, and found it in media arts class)...I figured I should post it here, because over 90% of the work is done in PhotoShop...mine didn't turn out quite right, but I'll keep trying over the weekend, and we'll see what will happen:

It was through a process called rotoscoping...if anyone is interested, I will post the link (It was meant for macs, and older versions of Photoshop (I believe) so some stuff went through differently, but there's a buttload that you can find on google...

posted by  chris_knows

The video doesn't work for me. I've heard of rotoscoping but I kinda forgot what it was. Time to go check!!!

posted by  Spanky2324

It worked for me...but I played around with it a bit, and came up with another one, pretty close, but the frame rates are smoother, but still need some work:

If it doesn't work, I uploaded it from another place (

I found another site, and took the best from both, so I could whip up a tutorial if anyone is interested...It isn't hard, but takes about 60-90 minutes...

EDIT: The second link didn't work for me, so here's another link...but while waiting for one to register, I uploaded to another place too :laughing::¤tDate=20060114¤tT ime=113740

posted by  chris_knows

sure, thanks

posted by  ahoo

"Rice out your Civic"

Ok, first thing is first. This will be a multiple step tut on how to "rice" out a car. The first step today is going to be the easiest. Today we are going to switch the wheels out and slam the civic. (

Now here I went and made my own custom wheels, extracted a pic from a wheel shop, took a brake rotor and added a caliper, painted it, then merged it with the wheel. But for this, you can just take a wheelset from another car.

1. With both pics open, resize the wheel so that it is proportional to the car you want to use it on.
2. If the orientation is different, flip along the horizontal Got to Edit-> Transform-> Flip horizontal. (

As you can see, the wheel is not proportional, mess around with the transform so that both perspective and size fit.

Now this open space does not look real, ie shading, so grab your lasso tool, or paint brush and shade it out.

So, Grab a section of raock/gravel area, copy with ctrl+c and then using the magnetic lasso, select the area within, and do the following:

Now mess with the levels of the areas, to do this right, use the lasso tool to select the area within the wheel and go to image-> Adjustments-> Levels and tone them down a little so they are darker.

Here is what I got after doing it quickly:

Now it is time to lower the car. There are several ways to do this, prob the best is using the lasso tool. Grab your magnetic lasso tool and do the following:

With the area around the car selected, use the move tool and lower your car (hold shift keeps it aligned)

Here is what I finished with:

Total time (if not writing tut at the same time) ~15 min

What should we do next to the civic? I will take suggestions


posted by  Voda48

Ok since that last image didnt work and this forum has a stupid thing about too many image tags, here is the final:

posted by  Voda48

I say we make this a Carforums ps project car. We can rice it out completely and add in a body kit, wing, neon, hood scoop, roof scoop, the works.

posted by  Spanky2324

That last bit on lowering the car is the same tut I gave on a few years back. It solves a common issue with people that only grab the car body and lower it, but end up with having to fill in the area above the new roof. Just grab the whole top of the pic so you only have to blend the bits from the bumpers ******d. So much simpler.

I used that technique (as well as others) to make the Taurus Coupe:

Same thing is used to make this Jag coupe (though I didn't lower it):

posted by  ChrisV

Gregg, wouldn't it be easier to use the healing brush for the space between the wheels?...It seems like it would take less time...

posted by  chris_knows

o u t w a r d

Ok, so why is that word blanked out? if out isn't blanked, and war isn't blanked, wtf is the issue?

posted by  ChrisV

:orglaugh: :orglaugh: It blocks out o utward but doesn't block out swear words...:orglaugh:

posted by  chris_knows

The healing brush doesn't work well with areas of large tonal differences (such as shown there), nor does it do a good job of bringing in full image detail into those types of areas. Remember, the healing brush blends new information with the old in an area. In these cases, you don't want any of the old info, so a better job will be accomplished with the clone tool.

posted by  ChrisV

just a crappy quickie

posted by  salimander13

Not too bad, looks good... quick question though, what's with the 'Hello Kitty' on the gas tank door? lol.

posted by  car_crazy89

TY ChrisV for answering that. I also did get the idea from a friend who saw what I was doing and made the same suggestion you did. I cant tell you how much time I spent trying to move "just" the car and then fill in the rest to match.

As far as the project car, that works. I was planning on doing a tut on color changing, I have found 3 good ways to do it, but was actualy hoping someone else might contribute and have a better idea.

I think the next addition to the tut will be changing color and shaving door handles/ie making a coupe.

posted by  Voda48

I see what you guys meant about the healing doesn't turn out right.

posted by  chris_knows

Quick question, just wondering if anyone here was willing to do (or try) a photoshop for me, so I have a rough idea about something I have in mind. I'll post more if there's anyone interested in a 'challenge' you may say, thanks.

posted by  car_crazy89

I'm probably the worst person with Photoshop here, but I could give it a shot...

posted by  chris_knows

Alright, well I was thinking a 1988 Chevy S10 with the top removed roadster), double-hump tonneau cover, suicide doors (unless not open in pic), billet grille, clear corner headlights, Cadillac tail lights, rear roll pan, shaved tailgate handle, and a scooped hood lol.

I know that all can't be done in one view, so a view of just the rear would even be good. I also know that'll be hard, so it's alright if you can't/don't want to do it lol.

Tonneau Cover ( Yz0wJmQ9MCZlPTAuMjUmZj0xJmc9MyZoPXBvcFxTcGVlZEJ1bXB3b0NvbXBfcG9wLmpwZyZuPTE maT03MCZqPTAmaz0wJmw9MSZtPTEz)
Caddy Tails ( Yz0wJmQ9MCZlPTAuMjUmZj0xJmc9MyZoPXBvcFxTQzg5OTNfcG9wLmpwZyZuPTEmaT03MCZqPTA maz0wJmw9MSZtPTEz)
Roll Pan ( Yz0wJmQ9MCZlPTAuMjUmZj0xJmc9MyZoPXBvcFxTQ0ZCUlAxMjBDX3BvcC5qcGcmbj0xJmk9NzA maj0wJms9MCZsPTEmbT0xMw==)

Do what you can really, I'll be thankful.

posted by  car_crazy89

I had like 5 minutes left before I had to run so I put the kitty there for fun then threw it into photobucket and sent.

posted by  salimander13

Sorry, I ahve been really busy thus far with school and work. Here is with a body kit on the front. I was thinking about doing a wide body tut but have yet to fine a solution that looks good. I will work on it and post later. Here is the car thus far.
Once I get all the body work done, I ahve a camelon (sp?) color change idea

posted by  Voda48
Oh yes :laughing:

posted by  Spanky2324

Finally finished my rotoscoping project for Media Arts (bonus marks) and found out why it was being so choppy, the camera sucked, and marked thirty second clips as two using my sister's camera, here's what I got:

Super Pimping Video (

posted by  chris_knows

good job now all you need is the sound and your set :thumbs:

posted by  salimander13

It would help, but when converted to a filmstrip format, it took out all sound...Here's a quick tutorial (figured I should help out a bit too)...

You'll need Adobe Premiere for this...
1.) Using a stick (I wrapped it in blue tape, so it's easier to see), Record your self through any camera, and upload it to your PC. I recommend under 15-20 second, because for my PC it would take 10 minutes to open ~400 frames...

2.) Open Premiere, and start a new project. I put it at Standard 48KHz, but that's just for sound, so set it to whatever you want. Now go to File>Import. Choose your video.

3.) Drag it onto the timeline.

4.) Go to File>Export>Movie (CTRL+M)
Go to Settings..."Filetype: Filmstrip" "Range: Work Area Bar."
Go to "Video" on the side, and set it to the size you wanted (I keep it as is). I suggest putting the framerate at 14.99/15 fps, to keep the size down, but still flowing nicely.

5.) Save the file.

6.) Open it in PhotoShop (be patient, it will take a while). When it opens, should look something like this:
Save it as a .psd. (again be patient)

7.) This parts a real pain in the *** now...Make a new layer (and use only that. Select the line making tool (U), if it isn't the line making tool, right click on the button that was selected, and find it. Change the brush colour to white (R-255, G-255, B-255).

8.) Set the line weight to be about 1/3 to 1/2 of the stick (0.035 for me), and put it at anti-aliased. Zoom in to's easiest at that magnification, for me at least...wherever you see the stick, paint it white. If you see it blurred, then you use the lasso tool (L), and select the entire burred area, and paint it white:

9.)When you have done this for every frame, saving it every once in a while, open your layers (F7) and go to the layer with all of the lines.

10.) Right click on it and go to blending options. Turn on Color Overlay. Set it to "Blend Mode: Normal" and click on the colour button. Set the colour you want (I used 123,0,0).

11.) For the glowing effect, turn on "Drop Shadow", "Inner Glow", "Outer Glow", and "Inner Shadow".

12.) Go back to "Inner Shadow," and click on the colour at the top, and set it to the same colour you used for the "Colour Overlay."

13.) Go to "Inner Glow" and set the small square with colour to the same colour as the previous 2 settings.

14.) Go to "Outer Glow," and set that to the same colour setting. Now, when you look below it, adjust the Spread and Size to your liking (I use 100% Spread and 5% Size)...Should look something like this:

15.) When you are satisfied, click OK, and save it again.

16.) Now, go to Layer>Flatten Image. Select the entire thing (CTRL+A) and copy it (CTRL+C). Open the original filmstrip (.flm) file, and paste it (CTRL+V)

17.) File>Save As, and save it under a different name, but where it says, "Format", go to "Filmstrip (*.FLM).

18.) We are now done with PS. Open Premiere again, and open your new filmstrip file.

19.) Drag it into the timeline. If you want to add sound, now is the time to do it. When you are finished adding sound and stuff, go to File>Export>Movie. This time you can skip the settings, and just save it.

Voila, it's done.

This can be used for other animations, but I figured Light Sabres was the easiest one (this was the way it was done in the original Star Wars, but by hand, and not PC).

Tell me if you have any questions :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

do you have to so that to every frame (like all 400 of them)

posted by  salimander13

Just the white line part, and it was 400 frames for 22 Seconds at 15 fps.

posted by  chris_knows

Ok, Now we are going to add some headlights to the civic:

First, open your image of a set of highlights to copy, I choose a ferrari.

Ok, since I did not want the yellow color, I hit Cntl + Shift + U t odesaturate the pic.

Now use the magnetic lasso to grab the section you desire.

Now use Edit -> Transform -> Distort T oget it to where you want.

Now using the cloning tool or the eyedropper and brush, make everything match.

The end result:

posted by  Voda48

This is way long overdue but I finally had some free time.

posted by  elchango36

I like it, where is the pic from? PS the rain almost seems too slow IMO

posted by  Voda48

I got the pic about a year ago on some guy's website which I have since lost (Bummer). I'm not sure how too speed up the rain, the transition is set to no time between frames (or 0).

posted by  elchango36

Rice out your Civic part ?

Ok, I have tried many differnet ways to change the color of different things whether it be a car or a plane.... Long story short, here is one that I came up with that seems to work the best.

Step 1. First open your image and using the magnetic lasso tool, sleect the painted area of your car. Create a new layer with this slection and grab a brush. Select the color of your choice (the darker the better) and begin to brush. Now notice in this shot I have only selected the paint and not the windows/lights etc... to do this, when selecting with the magentic lasso, hold down Alt and slect those areas you wish to exclude.

You can also use a much larger brush to save time. The great part is you can be sloppy and not have to worry because you will be coloring within the lines.

Now go to your layers palette and select "Color" There you have it. Now you can mess with your levels and make the paint job stand out. If you are interested, you can do a camleion paint effect by holding Cntl + Click on the layer you had used as your base. Once you have that layer loaded, create a new layer and using the gradient tool, create the folowing:

Example of all said and done wit hadjustments made:

posted by  Voda48

Allright, so I havent touched this for a while, thought Iwould mess with it tonight. here is what I have finished thus far:

posted by  Voda48

It looks really sweet so far, but the side panels don't seem to match in colour...I'm working on ricing the Civic but between several other projects, so it might take me a while to finish it :ohcrap:

Looks nice though :thumbs::2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

Yeah I am color blind, I dont see it. My Gf said the same thing but I choose not to really care, I mean its a Civic after all.... JK

posted by  Voda48

Hard Extractions in PS
So, I have seen a lot of people trying to exract images in PS and having them look a little less than perfect. Here is a tut that I have used myself and find it very helpful, the idea is to take a stock image and get the following:

Things like hair or cars can be tought to extract, this will make it much easier age=2

posted by  Voda48

Lol... you were talking to me on aim...

And... can I do this on Elements 3.0?

posted by  StiMan

uh... i dont know what i did.. but it looks

I actually wanted to turn it green... i dont know where i went wrong...:ohcrap:

I am the noobest photoshopper around!

posted by  Bubba

I'll make a tutorial for user bars because they look cool, they're easy to make and I'm bored :laughing:

First make a new image, with these dimensions:
350px width
19px length

Choose the background colour that you want in your user bar.
(I'm using the CF colour: )
It looks invisible, but it just matches the background lol...

Now grab the Gradient tool and make a gradient to your liking:

This next part you don't have to do, but it looks better with them (Scan lines)...
Make a new image (6X6px) and zoom in to 1600% (Max)

Grab the pencil tool, and set the colour to black. Set the weight to 1px.
Make a line from one corner to the other, like so:

Go to Edit>>Define Pattern>> Name it Scan Lines (Or whatever you want lol)

Go to your original picture now, and select the Pattern Stamp Tool and find your pattern:
Make sure Impressionist IS NOT checked, and Alligned IS checked (took me like 30 minutes to figure it out :laughing: ) Also, make sure the brush is big enough.

Continued in next post (8 picture limit)

posted by  chris_knows

Continued from previous post (8 picture limit)

Just drag it across the picture and it should give you scan lines. So far we have this:

Mess around with the opacity until you're satisfied. Then set the flow to around 50-70% Here's what I came up with:

We can finally put in a picture...I'm making one for CF so I'll use the CF "logo" (It doesn't have to fit)...Also, add text, on the right side. I used "BankGothic Md BT" Size 12. Here's what I came up with then:

Now right click on the text layer in the Layers section (F7) and go to blending options. Go to Drop Shadow, and mess around with the settings until your text has enough shadowing (I used 5px, 6%, 5px without global light, shadow angle 0 degrees and 75% opacity.)

Now make a new layer, and put it on top of all the other ones. Use the Round Marquee Tool, and select from the top left corner to the top right corner, but only about 1/2 of the whole banner:
Now change the opacity of this layer in Blending Options...I used 15%:

And there's the final result:

Time it took me to make my first one was like half an hour because I couldn't find some of the stuff lol. Enjoy :smoke:

posted by  chris_knows

sweet, changed the nbipfc logo into a smaller more convieniant thingie...:laughing:

thanks chris:thumbs:

posted by  Bubba

No probs...It's in my sig :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

Really nice Chris.... I see you are picking up this photoshop thing pretty quick.:thumbs:

posted by  Voda48

I have adobe photodeluxe, i used to turn 300c's into coupes and a bunch of other stuff but all of the finished pics were lost, I think im gonna do it again one of these days, just to see what you guys think of it,


All I use is clone and smudge.....NOTHING ELSE:smoke: :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

Thanks, I learned a lot of it from you though :wink2: lol

posted by  chris_knows

Shine Tut

Had a few people ask for this one and I can't sleep so here it is:

Here is what we are going for:

Here is the Tut:

posted by  Voda48

That shine thing is pretty sweet, but if you have any free time can you do a tut on how to make the longer gifs?...Like the one that used to be in your sig? :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

You will have to remind me, what sig? (long gif?)

posted by  Voda48

BTW this is a dirivitive of that tut:

Working on a transparent version that would look better

posted by  Voda48

It was like 10 megabytes big, of the car chase scene from The Island...Can't really describe it much better lol :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

The movie gif..... Yeah I will see if I can arrange that for a tut.:thumbs:

posted by  Voda48

hey, I havn't been on for a qhile now and I was just wondering how u can paint the car but not have to paint the lights etc

posted by  ahoo

Prob the easiest way is in selecting the areas you want to paint and then using your brush.

posted by  Voda48

thanks chris for the userbar tutorial, i've made my own but I still don't know how to get that black outline around the letters. (they're in my sig now)

posted by  ahoo

I went into the text layer properties and changed the shadows

posted by  chris_knows

Sorry Chris, this lis long overdue, but I ahve been really busy lately. hopefully you can get the gist from it, I wrote is as rather basic. Any questions about VirtualDub, just let me know.

posted by  Voda48

That's sweet, I just made a practice one, I'll try some more later...

BTW Does anyone know how to change videos that are for example 1 minute long, but when you open it in any media player or video editing program it says the video's like 3 seconds long?

posted by  chris_knows

Ok here is a fun tutorial that I got from a differnet forums... tooning cars. I have been looking for a good one and seem to like this one.
Here is what I have thus far:

posted by  Voda48

I was bored and found some sweet pictures on the internet, and thought it was pretty cool, so here's a tutorial on how to make it look as if you were shot lol. BTW I couldn't find my BB Gun, so I just used my fingers, but use your imagination lol. Here's ( the picture I started with.
Pick where you want to put the bullet hole. Make a new layer and using the "eliptical marqee tool" draw a circle (hold down shift). Using the lasso tool take out some of the edges. Paint it black and click on Filter>Pixelate>Fragment. Then Filter>Sketch>Chrome. Set detail to 10 and smoothness 0.
Here's ( what I have now.
Go to Filter>Sketch>Chalk & Charcoal. Set Chalk Area is 6, Charcoal Area is 6 and Stroke Pressure is 1. Duplicate the layer. At the top of the layers box, set it to "hard light."
Now, make a new layer and put it below the other two, but still above the background. Select the lasso tool, and go around the bullet hole for blood. Click on the brush and select the colour as R=123 G=0 B=0 and paint the selection. Do this as many times as you want.
Here's what I came up with:

posted by  chris_knows

I cant help but think that can be done in paint...:laughing:
its probably harder than it looks though

posted by  nighthawk

Lol maybe...It was meant to be done on other stuff (like cars) but I tried to change it around a bit...Still looks fake though :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

lol, I expected you to have huge wounds or something
or the barrel of a gun thing like in james bond Gun.jpg

posted by  nighthawk

Whoa, that looks sweet lol...Anybody know how to make it? llol

posted by  chris_knows

I use google for everything, no talent :laughing: :ohcrap:

posted by  nighthawk

*edit NVM I
ll just PM VODA

posted by  elchango36

Ok here you go:

The drop shadow helps :thumbs:

posted by  Voda48

I was bored so I saw th techart Porsche and liked it, but somethings didnt seem quite right.

So I made some changes. QUestion is what should I do next? I was think about the spoiler and perhaps airbrushing a new front bumper.

Any Ideas or C&C would help

posted by  Voda48

can anyone help me??

I'm trying to paint my civic in black,silver or white. I dont know if any of you guys can chop this pic for me

Thank you..

posted by  Skyline

Tell you what, I will show you how to do this. I will get back to you.

posted by  Voda48

Can anybody give me some tips on how to make all of the colours of the parts in the pic below match? Like the bumper doesn't match the side skirts and the skirts don't match the body when I try to paint them. BTW I know it looks like crap but I was bored lol...
(If it makes a difference, I'm trying to paint it all black)...

Thanks in advance for any help :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

First off the front bumper is at a horrible angle, that needs to be fixed. Also the easiest way (are you using PS) is to do variations on the color.

posted by  Voda48

I'll fix the bumper up, yeah it's in mean like paint each thing seperate or...? lol

posted by  chris_knows

this is just something i did while listening to Walk With Me In Hell by Lamb Of God yesterday... jpg

posted by  starscream0

Here is my latest, Not sure I like the shadowing effect yet. WE'll call it a work in progress. (

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After looking on google for some tuts on it, I didn't find any that were useful for winamp 5.x and higher, so I decided to just try going in blindly. Here's what I came up with lol.

I'll be going for a Skyline look

1.) Open your Winamp folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Winamp.
-In that folder, search for all *.png images and copy them to a new folder somewhere.
-Open the following images in Photoshop
(Or at least, those are the ones that I did lol)

2.) Change everything around...for example, here's what I did to "main.png"

I think to move the buttons and writing around you need an XML editor (Such as Macromedia Dreamweaver) and to know how to edit them.

And my final result:

Needs some work, but I'll have to keep it (I accidentally replaced the original files lol).

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yea it does need some touch ups, but for a first try maybe? Not bad, also your desktop is very cluttered....

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Yeah, I try to clear it up because most of the stuff I don't use, but then I think...if I need it tomorrow, It'll take me forever to find lol.

BTW I'm working on another way to make a skin. Not sure if it will work though lol.

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I found an easier way. Take another skin (I used Beerfest). Change the extention from *.wal to *.zip and extract. Go through each extracted folder, changing the pictures to whatever you want. Then, I looked through the *.xml's for files that had the names of the pictures in them and changed the X and Y coordinates to the locations that I wanted them. It's a bit unoranized and not matching, but I'll make it a project for the next couple of days lol.

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Here is a renault I jsut did:

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You gotta tell us how you made it!! lol JP

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I guess these two sites have been posted before?

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I love this thread!

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Haven't touched PS in months since I got the car. Got home tonight and had these images I had taken in the rain. Long story short I was messing around with HDR photos. Here is the result:

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I love this thread Voda48.:clap:

You are so creative. :tomato:

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Speechless... haven't seen these for a while and forgot about them.

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This is some nice tutorials you have here, certainly very usefull. Thanks!

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