A Guy's Advice for Guys About Girls That Like Guys That Aren't You

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Contribute so that we can get a list going :mrgreen: .

posted by  Godlaus

Holy that seemed kinda confusing at first (I do get it though), I'm in that situation (sp?) so therefore don't know any advice. :doh:

posted by  car_crazy89

Then I guess that this thread is for you :mrgreen: .

posted by  Godlaus

GHB. (http://www.nida.nih.gov/Infofacts/RohypnolGHB.html)

Actually, I got nothing. In my experience, there really is fack all you can do...unless you truly are the better one for her, and she realizes that....

Edit: GHB is now linked for the more innocent.

posted by  dodgerforlife

...Or the ones who can get some with date-rape drugs :laughing: :joking:

I don't really have much to say on this either, but most grls I know like to laugh...and something I learned from Zalight, ask her to hang out for the first time, doing something she's good at...but not like a date.

posted by  chris_knows

Honda Integra's rule. :smoke:

posted by  GreekWarrior

This should be interesting...lol :mrgreen:

posted by  SmileLines

Mitsubishi 3000gt rules. :sleep:

posted by  nightroad

make the other guy jealous so he takes it out on her, she thinks hes a jerk and you slip in for the rebound dunk?

posted by  salimander13

Just be yourself man. If she's into you for who you are then all is great. If not, it won't work anyway because eventually you will not be happy.

dodgerforlife, I appreciate your joke but, considering the average age of people on this forum, do you really think it is appropriate?


posted by  theman352001



posted by  skunkapeisthro

:banghead: that is wrong just wrong

posted by  mx3_monster

ok, is it just me, or is there something wrong with the bottom part of that chicks bikini...

posted by  ride3k

Dude...I actually came onto CF to post up a topic about something similar to this....But mine is too unsimilar so I really dont want to take this thread that way.




I just...

In my current headspace I am not the best to be giving advice. I am going to be posting up a different topic about it.

Anyway, these situations suck because of one thing; She is to busy with the other guy to notice you are, in fact, a good guy and you are, in fact interested. So you cant even get your foot in the door to get that first date/hangout/interview which is so important. And then when she does notice you, because at that point you most likely screamed from the top of a church out of frustration, she already has this other dude in her mind and she is going to be looking at you as a second choice....a second best.

Its the gay.

posted by  Zalight

yeah i was thinkin the exact same thing

posted by  mx3_monster

Where?...I can't see it :doh:

BTW I think I'm the youngest member on the forums...anyone here younger than May 1990? :laughing:

Also, thought of another thing...life is short, and in this time, we don't know if the world will end tomorrow...so just live every day like it's your last...

and...time for my Latin skills :laughing:
Carpe Diem (Sieze the day)

posted by  chris_knows

take her street racing and show her yo skillz at rollin'.......nah just joking

just talk to her, spend some time, make sure you don't force her into things, make her feel she is still in control, and don't talk too much. you have to know when to shut your flapper

posted by  ahoo

Whatever you do, don't flirt with her best friend thats 10 times hotter then she is. :doh:

posted by  elchango36

Whatever you do, don't flirt with her best friend thats 10 time ulgier than she is. :doh:


How is that different from being a good friend, though?
Gotcha :mrgreen:

posted by  Godlaus

Well in my case I've actually gone for this girl once then hated the wait and went with someone else. Well she knows I'm interested (even her mom told her that), but I hate these games and being led on only to get nowhere. It seems that ignoring them for awhile works to help bring them to you (as most seem to like the attention and when you dont show it to them they 'get desperate' as my friend says).

posted by  car_crazy89

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