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...What do you think I should do.

Here's the thing, I finally found a girl, after two years of fukcing around, who I don't want to sleep with. Well I do, but she is someone I would also like to wake up next to, someone I could see myself falling in love with. But of course, if there is a very hot girl, who has a great personality, and a lot more under the surface then just the normal saturday night trick, she is of course taken. But not really, but is, but only kinda.

You see, her boyfriend, when he is around her he acts like he really loves her. But then when he is not around her he constantly flirts with other women, and this one in particular I know for a fact is a giant slut who opens her legs for anything with a pulse. And the way they talk I am fukcing positive that they are sleeping together.

On her side of the relationship, she has told me and a couple of my friends that she isn't really that into it (the relationship) anyway. But then she went off and told another friend that she actually is. So here is where I am;

I dont want to try to butt into the relationship if she actually is into this guy, but I dont know if she really is or not, and I dont want her to be with this guy no matter what, especially if he is runing around porking other women behind her back. And she keeps leading me on but then cutting me off. I keep making excuses to talk to her and get her by herself, and she never blows me off, and when I try to push "us" a little further she agrees but in a kinda "meh" way, and then I start to feel like its going nowhere so I start to back off, and then she'll drop a hint or something....I sware to christ this is pissing me off to no end now.

And I fukcing hate trying to explain emotions cause it always ends up like a fukcing essay.

/end rant

posted by  Zalight

ya thats a tough situation...i think the best thing to do is for her to find out somehow... Maybe try to set that up somehow or somethin... i mean dont make it obvious by being like " hey ur bf is ****ing this slut..." Just maybe like drop some hints or let her see her bf with the slut together... I mean u dont want the girl to get hurt but u also dont want her to get cheated on...

posted by  V-Tec

Definitely don't go up to her and say her boyfriend is cheating on her, because then she might go against you, but if you're a friend with one of her friends, you could tell her friend that, and see if she could say it. But you shouldn't let her find out that she's being cheated on on her own, because that will crush her even more.

Of course you could always not even mention that she's being cheated on in an attempt to not hurt her, and do this:

What I've thought about...and I've spent quite a couple of classes thinking this through, is to tell her something along the lines of that you really like her, and you've liked her for a while, and let her know how you feel about her...Just word it better (something I can't do :ohcrap: )...

:2cents: BTW I know what it's like to get your emotions the hell do girls do it? :doh::laughing:
/endreplytorant :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

You're asking at the wrong forum, dood.

Hit me up on myspace with a message. I think I got a solution for you.

posted by  Godlaus

If there's one thing you'll learn about girls and their friends, it's that they share everything. Her friend will tell her who it was that told her the info. Putting you back at square one.

posted by  Godlaus

Dear Abby letter eh?

Ever considered that the direct approach might be worth a try? "I like you and would like it even more if ........"

Sounds to me she is prick teasing, but I'm not hip and funky to the current dating protocols.

posted by  Wally

Oh she knows Im interested...We talk all the time, thats not my problem, my problem is the whole a-hole boyfriend thing. I dont know if she sctually does want to be with him. If she is really into her relationship then I have two options: one, stand by and do nothing while she walks out of my love life and I enter "the friend zone" or two, I tell her what her BF is up to and she breaks up with him, hates me and becomes an old maid.

I dont know man, I just needed to vent, you know what im sayin.

posted by  Zalight

:laughing: Protocols. :laughing:

Every single time Wally: You come up with a word I haven't ever heard used in that context.

posted by  Godlaus

whoa.....that's a tough nut............... we'll do you think that she would lie to you about the "not that into it" thing? anyway...... here's a tip, back off for a while...say 3 days of not talking to her and not seeing her. then out of nowhere start talking to her again..... well that's what I did..... :2cents:

posted by  ahoo

Man, that's tough. I wouldn't say anything to her about it unless you're really good friends with her or she already suspects something. Other than that, the only I would know to do is pray. I'm guessing you're not a praying man, but I will for you anyway. Hope this girl finds out about what this guy is doing either way.

posted by  jedimario

your young have sex with everything that walks
my 2 cents

posted by  Aondor

I hate to burst his bubble, but......animals have been known to walk for quite some time now :ohcrap:

posted by  salimander13

Find a way to have the babe find out about her boyfriends scandel. The best way to do that is to follow the boyfriend and the slut you think his hitting and tell the babe that his looking for her and enter so they can get caught. After that you can comfort her while she explains how horrible she is for getting together with him in the first place. Then when shes all better, you can tell her the truth about her x-boyfriend so she can cry on you some more. After that you have to be brave and go for it. Goodluck :sleep:

posted by  nightroad

You should read over this and carefully think about it --- :sleep:

posted by  nightroad

Man this is exactly the situation I was in when I met my wife. She was my friend that I had the hots for bad and she knew it. She was dating this dude that I suspected was a drugie but of course I didn't have any proof. She ended up finding out on her own and dumped his ass. She knew I liked her but she always had a reason not to date me. I ended up moving to Salt Lake City with her even though she knew I didn't want to go. After awaile she told me that the reason she never dated me was she didn't want to get hurt again but she liked me since the first time we met. We ended up hitting it off when we got drunk and just started talking about us. We got married last July.

So my advise is to wait it out alittle and see if she doesn't find out on her own cause she will in time. If that doesn't work you could always stock the guy and take a pic of him with another girl and sent it to her under a fake
email and just be there for her when she dumps him.

posted by  x1/9-rally

"im not hip and funky to the current dating protocols." now this my friends, is true comedy. :clap: :laughing: :clap:

posted by  starscream0

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