Should Ford go back to OHV?

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It seems to me the absolute best out there in affordable power has been GM's LSx series engines. The OHV Ford 302 is still sought after to this day because they're lighter and the power potential is huge.

I realize having multiple valve OHC engines have their benefits, like higher revs. But the finished product (engine) year after year has always been a notch better with GM's LSx when you account for weight, size, power and fuel economy.

The blown Cobras make spectacular power but damn, they're fricken heavy. Can you imagine (if) Chevy comes out with the Camaro Z28 (LS2) and the Camaro SS (LS7)?

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posted by  richardpick

quoted verbatim from Sean'sVette's post at, eh?

posted by  ChrisV

At first I thought, what an odd first post for someone. Then I rsaw his sig, he's just copying/pasting (as VWHobo said) a random thread and then advertizing sneakers in his sig. At least it's something different.

posted by  giant016

The SS should get the LS2 and the Z28 get the LS7. The Z28s back in the day were better than the SSs.

posted by  PontiacFan27

then exactly why wee they called Z28 SS's? thats the full name if i recall, unless you mean like old old, which i dont know about.

Personally, i say bring back the i-rock

posted by  ride3k

I couldn't possibly care less what they call the performance and/or appearance packages. If it's got an LS* with a 6spd and strongly resembles the concept... show me the dotted line.

posted by  Bino

I believe that the SS had the option for a 396 w/ around 375 hp. I don't think that a Z28 ever got that kind of power. Unless you count the COPO ZL1s as Z28s, but thats a stretch.

posted by  giant016

The Z28 was started a couple years after the coupe, Rally Sport, and SS were already going to be a performance model.

posted by  PontiacFan27

The Z28 came out in 1967, which was the first year Camaros were produced.
My point from the post earlier was that the SS has always been the performance car compared to a Z28.

posted by  giant016

Actualy, originally, the SS was the drag version of the Camaro, the Z/28 was the road race version of the Camaro. BOTH were "performance cars" but they had different missions. The Z/28 took over both roles after the 2nd gen's came out.

You could also option up either one with the RS package, and IIRC, there were a few that had a combo of all three.

posted by  ChrisV

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