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A guy that goes to my school is actually is interested in the Hombre, problem is he doesn't have all the cash. So he wants to trade me 1200 plus his 92 Olds 88 Royale that needs a decent amount of work done to it. I KBBed it with the current condition and mileage of the car and it's booked at $750. My dad told me I could drive his 96 s10 w/ a 4.3L in it and small lift, as long as I kept up on the maintenance if I wanted. So what should I do? take the deal, wait for all cash.. or what?

posted by  Metzger

bump :hi:

posted by  Metzger

I would take that...$1,200 plus a Royale that needs some work is a pretty good deal, but I'd sell it if I were you, as long as you've got the S10 :2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

Unless you really like that Royale and are willing to work on it, I wouldn't take the car. You should definately find out what needs to be done, and if its like "yeah the head gasket's blown, might have a cracked cylinder head". Careful now!

posted by  Mathew

found out 3 of the 4 power window switches in the car are bad, the "master" drivers control panel works for them all tho.. and the modulator is going bad in the tranny...

posted by  Metzger

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