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i was wondering if there are any sites that let you download free music anymore? you know like grokster. its been a while since ive had a computer where i can burn cd's.

posted by  glagon1979

limewire and bearshare are 2 that come to mind.

posted by  salimander13

sir sir you've come to the right place to share music. Heres two links. Use Limewire ( or if you want a whole cd download Azureus ( and use sites such as torrentspy ( to find the cd torrent. Or if your looking for music and just aim me and I can direct connect with you or anyone else on here and give you the songs. Best of luck to what your looking for and hope I helped. :thumbs:

posted by  Spanky2324

Is there any way to get azureus or programs like it for free. Ok Ok call me cheep but still free is better then paying

Editing: never mind i found were i could get it for free

posted by  stevenbob0

Yes, if you enjoy spyware and backdoor trojans on your computer. :laughing:

posted by  97Talonchik

thanks guys!! :thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

I use kazaalite for the odd song but not many people want to share data out(which defeats the purpose of a p2p program). Torrents are so much better as you can see other people's feedback on the torrent so you know whether it works or gives you a virus. Also people actually share and also you can ban certain IP's if they don't share and just downloads.

Stay well away from google if you want free music, my cousin wanted to download a song from one of it's link and it gave him 5 adwares(silly of him :doh: ).

posted by  fudge

Oh no!! The Trojans are coming :laughing:Jk

That's why the first thing you download is Spyware/Virus Protection :laughing:

I use Frostwire for songs, and movies that are out on DVD, or older (nothing out in theatres, quality is terrible)...I use DC++ (wouldn't recommend it, took me a week to find out how to use it, but it does have virtually everything you could want if you look in the right places...but another favourite is uTorrent, which as fudge said, you could view the reviews, and if there are people uploading it...Which I use for movies/games, and other big files, like entire albums...every movie so far has been great quality...
I've went through many other programs, like 2Find MP3...which has no songs, but whatever it does have is relatively quick, and Lycos had some downloading website, and it let you download stuff, but I think it was shut down, and it also had no other songs. Kazaa I will never use, because I've had to get my computer re-formatted two or three times now :ohcrap::laughing:


posted by  chris_knows

Anybody know where I can get movies from other countries? Can't find any programs :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

Lol, same here brother. except I've had to reformat every computer I've ever had connected to the internet. It's really not worth the headache.

posted by  elchango36

Backdoor Trojans, you mean these guys will come into my house? :wink2: Trojans-Stadium-Stories-Series._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

posted by  car_crazy89

No, she means those guys will bend you over and... Well, you get the idea.

posted by  vwhobo

EXIT ONLY..... please respect :mrgreen:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap
^^Me Scared^^


posted by  car_crazy89

Try looking for the torrents, I managed to get Meal On Wheels by Jackie Chan(albeit took ages but was worth it). I also managed to find a Haynes welding manual torrent which I'll start downloading soon.

posted by  fudge

I'll try that BTW I'm downloading the Welding manual too, along with several others :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Whoo hoo!! Took a while(since it was a nearly dead torrent) but i have finally got the manual and it's a pretty good read. I'll print it off at uni later when i have time :mrgreen:

posted by  fudge

I found a torrent that took under half an hour :laughing:...still haven't gotten around to reading it though lol

posted by  chris_knows

ok, i tried the torrentspy and my computer wont let me open the file. what do i do? im not very computer smart, as you can tell, so any help would be nice.

posted by  glagon1979

torrents and then Ares works for me.

posted by  newyorker

Download azureus or bitorrent and then it will open then torrent file. Now you should be good to go

posted by  Spanky2324

thanks. i'll let you know how it works out.:thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

I had limewire on my mac and it worked fine for about a year. But, it just recently stopped working and the mac store says that when Limewire corrupts its the closest thing to a virus you can get on a mac computer... now I have to haul it to the store so they can restore my computer without losing all myfiles. I will probably just go with iTunes for now, I have a good 2,000+ song base on my iPod and really only get 1 or 2 songs on occasion. Just be careful!

posted by  boothe

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