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I’m having real trouble coming up with research on my topic... and well I like the topic and I need advice on where to find anything on the topic... and before you say yahoo or goggle... been there done that and no help.

My thesis is American culture is losing it's mind; people are buying ever increasingly extravagant possessions trying to out do one another and this is due to our competitive nature.

I’m thinking I may have to change my thesis... but it has to stick with the topic of Materialism in America.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Basically you need points and material to support why you think American culture is "loosing its mind" and why materialism is the cause. I should think that you could come up with a lot of material to deal with.

For example: would you say the culture is "loosing its mind" when kids kill other kids for their tennis shoes or jackets? These are material things.

How about when families go into debt as they try to keep up with the Jones' to the point that they can't pay their essential bills like food, gas, etc..... Also materialistic.

Come up with examples like these and then you should be able to google up stories, news articles, etc. that contain supporting material. These examples help you narrow down your search for supporting information.

Good luck.


posted by  theman352001

Yeah, news stories should help. I know the main reason why the culture is going down the tube, but you wouldn't want to hear it.

posted by  jedimario

I'm sure he would if it could be related to materialism.


posted by  theman352001

As long as it doesn’t have anything to do with political affiliation or religion.
As I’m a agnostic lib, and I have money in the bank, my bills are paid on time and I have a Credit score of 700 now... I’m also a full time collage student and work full time... so it surly can’t be my political affiliation or my religion that causes me to be so responsible.

So do please share.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Oh well...

I can realte it to materialism though.

posted by  jedimario

Try SoCalCustom's website. All the proof of useless materialism can be found right there.

posted by  OombaIsBack

Two top tiers of Maslow's Heirachy have been topsy turvied a bit with the latest generation, although people could argue that the baby boomer generation are the surrogates for the first three layers, leaving the remaining two for the teens and twenty something hedonistic indulgances.

Increasing house sizes have promoted stay at home youth and the need for appliances and entertainment. So being surrounded by possessions since birth it would seem logical that luxuries are not as cherished as they once were.

posted by  Wally


Anyway, maybe you could bring up christmas. I'm sure with enough searching you could find some interesting studies that would prove your point. It would probably help alot, because the first thing that came to mind when I read your topic was that human civiliazations have always been that way. Diamonds and gold are mostly valued for the fact that they are a status symbol, and they have been used as jewelery for a long time. However, my understanding is that christmas has only recently (in the last 30 years maybe) become so commercialized.

posted by  giant016

Acutally thats a different topic.
One we could have picked.

posted by  TheFieroKid

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