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Well I know there was a thread for this movies somewhere, but search won't play the game for me.

So I have a few comments about this flick:

1) Why was Max Baer cast as an evil bastard? This is the same guy that was hailed a hero for Hilter's favorite Schmeling. He even had a stamp in his honour:< br />
Both Max and his turned actor brother Buddy were known on the boxing cct as "genial giants" and "professional good guys" .

2) Why did they downplay Baer's support for the Jews and only put a small star of David on his trunks instead of the in your face one he really wore?

3) Why is Braddock referred to as Irish, when he was actually born and raised in New York?

And of course Max Baer's son Jethro in the Beverly Hillbillies series g

posted by  Wally

I didn't know any of that actual history, but I thought the movie was excellent...

posted by  Mathew

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