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Ok I just bought a ipod video but I have a problem I converted one of my videos to work on the ipod and it works but no sound comes out when the video is playing. Does anyone know how to fix this??? Also that takes a really long time to convert those damn movies that aren't in the correct format but it's awesome anyways.

posted by  Spanky2324

sorry, i dont have any help for you but i did just recently get an iPod nano. the best thing that i could think of is contacting Apple directly. hope you get that fixed, they are awsome little thingys... :thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

Nah I got it now. It was a program I had to download to convert the movies but now it works great:thumbs:

posted by  Spanky2324

What program did you download?

I'm having trouble finding a program to convert video files for free, ever since I bought my iPod Video (two weeks ago).

Can you get me a link to the program you downloaded, please?

posted by  Godlaus

OK what program did u use email me the link plz

posted by  major187

iPod Linux-not only can you encode videos for free but you can download loads of games onto it including iDoom. Also it works on iPod photo as well.

posted by  fudge

It seems good but I'll wait till they say it's safe to install on the video version since thats what I have.

posted by  Spanky2324

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