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Ok I got seriously uber bored so I decided what the hell, plenty of fan clubs goin on why not do another one :laughing:

posted by  99integra

lol, congrats man.:thumbs:

and no I dont wanna join.:laughing:

posted by  Zalight

:laughing: I don't expect a lot of people to join I just got SERIOUSLY bored, don't mind me lol :ohcrap:

posted by  99integra

Just saw this thread, but already sent you a PM lol, I want to join :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Figures, you've joined all of the ones that have been floating around :orglaugh:

posted by  99integra

Not all...just most :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

what the hell I'm with chris I'll join...just another place to throw my name in:mrgreen:

posted by  salimander13

Um.....congrats on the fan club:clap:

posted by  Cliffy

Count me in bro:thumbs:

posted by  Spanky2324

Hey, I'd like to join, I love all mini-trucks.

posted by  Scolson

you know what i just noticed? i have never been flamed. so, guess wat teggy? you SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!:laughing: :laughing:


posted by  ahoo

Lol, you're thinkin bout the old Teggy :wink2:

posted by  99integra

i used to own a ranger. kinda fun to drive. hell ive been on here for a while and havent joined any clubs. count me in:thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

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