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Well, I just thought since everyone else it putting out tags for there clubs... why shouldnt I? Heh..
The STi Fan Club (we dont capitalize the "i" because the current generation blows IMO) was started about 1.5-2 years ago to commemorate the great STi by myself and WeaponR (a great member who is not very active now). Today we have grown to be the largest (I think) fan club in the history of CF, first car-oriented club, and were the second club to ever be founded (second to the vwhobo club). Simply pm me and get this to put in your sig:
And get to have your name added to the list of great members in my sig.
Even if you dont adore the STi but simply respect it as a great car, still join.



Members: StiMan, WeaponR, importluva, sc0rched, Step Up, VMJYogi, Ki2AY, SubaruCorsi, Satty101, 99integra, Guest, M3er, GreekWarrior, TurboLag, Accord_Man, enzo#2, 93ranger, SyntheticTrust, car_crazy89, hondaman, enzo#3, Spanky2324, ahoo, 1/4Drag_05, Diomedes, chris_knows, Sgt. Pepper, salimander13, DT04, Pythias, Coffin Type R, nighthawk, mx3_monster, evanstud08 .

posted by  StiMan

there was a vwhobo fan club? speaking of which havn't seen him around here for a while

posted by  salimander13

I think you should clean up your club and remove those who haven't been around for quite some time :P

posted by  dodgerforlife

Then that would make it smaller and not the largest club:wink2:

posted by  Spanky2324

Bingo. People return every once and a while so really taking them off is useless.

As to the hobo club, yes there was one. It was started in March-April 2004 and headed by R34 and Snoope (I bet yall dont know who those guys are.. lol)

posted by  StiMan

I know SnoopeWhite, and I'm pretty sure vwhobo didn't like him (as didn't most of the members)...Yeah, I get bored easy, and read old posts :laughing:

As for R34, I don't know...

posted by  chris_knows

Well if hobo didnt like him and he didnt like hobo, why did he start hobo's club?:screwy:

posted by  StiMan

I know there was someone that Hobo didn't like, but would do anything for his acceptance...just can't remember who :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

LOL...That would be me hehe. Hobo liked Snoope I believe, they got on ok. R34 was also a Brit and was from the same part of the country as me. I still see him on MSN from time to time too. Nobody know's where Snoope went, dunno if he just got annoyed with the place or what. One of those things with the Internet, when somebody disappears, unless he/she is in contact with another member on a one-one basis, when they disappear, nobody knows where they've gone!

posted by  Cliffy

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