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thats my friends, is 15 inches of pure mother ****ing power...

RE SX, one of the best

posted by  Stem

now i just need to make a box :ohcrap: :doh: :oops: :banghead:

anyone wanna help me with some plans :D ima give her 3.5 cubes with a port tuned to about 32 hz. im gonna use 3/4 mdf board, and a shitload of caulk :hi: :wink2:

posted by  Stem


That's f***ing huge!!...just looking at it next to that CD made me see it...

Keep us posted when you get her installed :thumbs:

And how about some (basic) output, distortion, impedence...yeah, that's about all I know :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

dual 2 ohm, 1000w rms, 2000w max, .18 cubic feet of displacement, and the magnet is bigger than that cd :P

posted by  Stem

Nice. :mrgreen:

It didn't look to big in the first pic but next to the cd, damn! :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior :laughing:

posted by  Benson

that looks sweet dude!! how much did it cost??

Johnny Mac

posted by  johnny mac

.18 cubic feet of displacement...what would that say?...

posted by  chris_knows

i got it off ebay for 250, but retail msrp its about 400 :D thers only a small ding on the surround which is barely noticeably. btw congrats on finding a pic of a jackhammer, pretty much the biggest waste of cone area on earth. you can get just as loud with 2 type r 12's in a tcab and a 2500

posted by  Stem

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