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Cliffy I see the results are in. Favourite British foods from a survey:

1: fish 'n chips
2: roast beef 'n yorkshire pudding
3: tie between lamb with mint sauce ; bangers 'n mash.

My goodness nothing's changed there has it?:umh: I guess exotic is still curry and chips? :mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

Cant beat good 'ol Fish 'n Chips lol......And less of the 'Clifford' :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy


posted by  Wally

GAAHH Is anyone else confused? :laughing:

I personally like fish and chips, but I've heard good things about "elephant ears"...or was the Scotish? :ohcrap:lol

posted by  chris_knows

Yeah and chips are good times. but what the hell is bangers and mash?

posted by  Zalight

Very basically, sausage and mashed potatos. Yum yum.
If you're really interested, next we can talk about spotted dick. Yes, the blokes really have a dish called spotted dick.

posted by  vwhobo

lol, I've heard of that one before.

I don't get it, what's the big deal with fish? Chicken is much better. :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

Chicken, although good, is nowhere near as good as beef, and in a lot of cases, pork is better than most :2cents::laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

And faggots, toad in the hole, ..........

posted by  Wally

damn those are some weird names for dishes. Whats the weirdest one we got...the poo poo platter?

posted by  salimander13

That sounds really good actually, I figured it would have something to do with mashed potatoes because, well, mash...I just couldn't figure out what the hell Bangers would be, crazy brits with thier crazy...words. :laughing:

Oh and fish and chips >*, its so greasy and tasty and good...mmmmm

posted by  Zalight

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