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Hey I am just curious if anyone knows what kind of car the grey/primer coloured car that O'Bannion drives is. I'm sure its a Dodge Demon or Plymouth Duster, but unsure of the year. I thought maybe a '72, I'm pretty sure its not a '71 cause I found pictures of the tail lights and compared them with the car in the movie and it didn't match up. If anybody can clear up what kind of car this is than thank you. Any information will be appreciated.

posted by  Benson

Not sure if this is the car, but is this the Fred O'Bannion, or just some idiot?:

If it's him, then he drove a 1972 Plymouth Duster AKA Grey Ghost

(Second last person ^^)...

posted by  chris_knows

Yeah thats him and thats the car. Thanks for your help.

posted by  Benson

No problem bro, thanks for your help with the racing thing :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

in the movie, it's a '73 duster. note the 5mph '73 front bumper w/ the '71-'73 style rear bumper and '73-'76 taillights...

posted by  dodger65

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