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I just found this out in another thread and it just baffles me. I already knew California high schools are on the "5.0" scale if you take any "honors" class (does this include honors? or is it JUST AP?). Fine with me, I dont care that much. Even though you know California poltiicans will say "look how high our kid's GPAs are compared to other states" and BS like that. Yeah, it's pretty easy to have higher GPAs when you're on a 5.0 scale and everywhere else is 4.0. But I thought, surely colleges see through this BS grading and grade on their own GPA scale...

Like my friend who came from California to LSU and his GPA was a "4.2" but after he came here LSU dropped that GPA to a 3.3x or something for admissions. So to be fair against every other college applicant who's scale was on a 4.0, they recalculated his GPA based upon on his numerical grades.

But do california colleges do this? Nope. California colleges would rather California students get an unfair advantage over everyone else applying. They accept the 5.0 scale of grading...but wait, what about the other kids who apply and are on 4.0 scales. Surely they correct their GPA higher if they too took "Honors" classes. Nope, sure dont, since the high school wasn't on the 5.0 scale they dont correct your grade to compare against the california kid's GPA. So you're telling me an out of state kid with a 4.0 GPA (perfect GPA) gets lesser consideration than a california kid with a 4.2 GPA (Which is really about a 3.2-3.4 ish GPA. Yup, that's it exactly.

This all in the greeat state of california my friends..:banghead:

posted by  thunderbird1100

Or you could all do it the Canadian way, and get rid of GPA's and just use a percentage Crazy Americans:laughing::joking:

posted by  chris_knows

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