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I think this would be fun and amusing, I'll start off with one.

the usual one that im sure everyone has

So I'm in class and it was really loud everyone was talking before the class starts. All of a sudden the class falls dead silent. I mean really quiet, so quiet you can hear people thinking. Anyways I thought everyone was going to be really loud so I was going to slip out a fart, BUT it wouldn't come out till everyone was silent and well you guys know the rest...

posted by  salimander13


I remember that happened to me last year, but I blamed it on the kid next to me, and I'm pretty sure everyone believed me :laughing:

And then there's the countless times I've fallen asleep in class and one teacher would make me be late for my next class because he found it funny to let me wake up on my own :doh::laughing:

There's lots more, but I can't seem to remember...

posted by  chris_knows

I have too much of an outgoing personality to be truley embarassed...but I would guess the worst time would be when my friends and I were in an...altered state of mind brought on by strange burning liquids consumed in 1 oz glasses, and we decided to streak through my schools gym in jock straps...during an assembly...and just as we all go to run they decide against it, but im already through the door....standing in front of the whole school alone in my jock strap...Oh well, fuck it. I run around the gym then back to my friends. We were then chased by security arounf the school in our jock straps.

Oh god damn those were good times.

posted by  Zalight

haha thats great. I'm like you, I don't get embarassed well at all really. I run by my two laws and my laws are:

1) If you don't know who they are you can't get embarassed by it.
2) If you do know who they are, then they know you and know you'd do something that stupid

posted by  salimander13

Oh I have a funny one from a friend of mine.

He was sitting on a bed against the wall with his girlfriend sitting in his lap during a party. But we all started going through a magazine and rating the girls in it, and then he says "I don't know... I mean, blondes don't really do it for me..."

Low and behold... his girlfriend is a girl who couldn't be any blonder. The room was somewhat silent aseveryone backtracked in their minds to confirm that he actually had said that... Yup, he did.

Nevertheless... she's going out with another friend of mine who probably wouldn't say that...

posted by  shadowedII

ok well this isn't embarrassing for me, but its funny non the less.

ok so me and my friends went to el torito and well when I eat their chili and chips I have really bad farts and poops. So I drop off my friend and go to my other friends house. We go and play some xbox and then I had to go to the bathroom and omg its bad. To tell you how bad it is usually people can stand their own smell well omg I was passing out in my own gasses. I get done and we go upstairs to use the computer. About 10-15 minutes later his mom gets home and we hear yelling. We come downstairs and shes like omg what the hell is that smell open the windows open the doors!!!!! OMG what did you guys do. My friend told her and then we left to play basketball. :laughing:

posted by  salimander13

this isnt funny but I thought it was very sad (and i just wanted to rant)

I caught the bus today and I was just listening to my CD player and looking out the window to see if I can spot a car worth looking at. Then the bus stops to pick up some more passengers, a few girls sit at the backseat (just behing me) and as all girls do they start to talk. One of them sat next to me. Then a few stops later, one more seat at the back opened up so the girl next to me moved there so they were all one big happy bunch. They were inviting their friend over to sit in the vacant seat next to mine (their friend is a guy) but since there were a lot of people in the bus someone decided to take the seat next to me. The girls seemed annoyed by this and started shouting at the guy "That seat is saved." the guy replies "No such thing on a public bus." And at that statement the girls cracked and began to shout very racist things such as "F***ing Asian!" and "Bloody asian a***ole!" I never knew people were still that racist at this day and age, and at a fairly young age too(they were around 15-16) at those remarks i really felt like throwing those racist b itches off but the bus was at my stop so I just thought I'd just go home.......

(end of rant)

posted by  ahoo

I was the quiet one at school lol.....I'm completely different now though!

I had an embarassing moment just earlier on, at work, when Kez (the wife....and I hope she doesn't read this lol), phoned me up at work and made me say happy valentine's day to her. Now normally that wouldn't be a problem (although I'm still not the most romantic guy in the world lol), but I working on a different section where I'm not as familliar or close with, my collegues. I just found it really embarassing sitting 'round a table with four or five others and having that to contend with lol.....Oh well, I get on with them ok so I guess it wasn't as bad as it might have been! :oops:

And ahoo, I agree that something needs to be done about the racists of this world Grrrrr...unfortunatelly, it seems to be happening more and more in the present climate!

posted by  Cliffy

I didn't know asians lived in new zealand, well you learn something new everyday. :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

it's only a small sea away from you guys so it is rather simple to get here

oh and cliffy it's most likely because the new generation is looking back into history more and thinking that they should finish the job that their ancestors started.

posted by  ahoo

I have an embarassing story from today, but its about my co-worker.

I'll call him Bill. He's English, about 35, and probably the most by the book tech in the shop. He never makes mistakes, and always does things quickly.

When we have a "dead" car, (wont start), we call "push please!". So he called "push please!" and we all get behind the car so we can push it into the parking lot. Its an M3 just like Zalight's. We start pushing it out of the shop, and theres a bit of an incline into the parking lot. He plans to park it straight ahead in front of the wall.

So it starts to roll down the incline, and he says, "thanks, I'll take it from here!", then runs and jumps in the car. So we start walking back as the M3 rolls away, and I just glance back for a second.

Wham! It goes right into the wall. He gets out of the car with this mischievious grin on his face and says, "I thought the clutch pedal was the brake pedal". Fortunately, there was a curb about a foot in front of the wall, so the tires took most of the shock. Basically just the license plate was bent a bit, and the front spoiler had been pushed up a bit by the curb.

So the rest of the day, we poked fun of him by saying "I'll take it from here". Fun day....

posted by  Mathew

hahaha, sounds more like a joke, but a fricken hilarious one. I wish I could have been there to see it. haha I'm still laughing because made a little picture of it in my head of how it went down.

posted by  salimander13

.......Somone would pay!:cussing:
In blood!:ticking:

posted by  Zalight

I once done something like that....not as silly though lol. And I didn't have a license at the time, but I was allowed to move cars around the workshop. I jumped in a Mini (old eighties model), and stuck it in reverse as I needed to move about 20-30yrds, backwards, onto the drive leadinding upto the garage. I reversed and hit the brake to stop me, only trouble was, I forgot that the front brakes were screwed up, and the rears were prety non-existant. I hit the brake peddle and nothing happened....I slammed into a Ford Escort van that belonged to the company next door.....I was shocked that nobody heard it, but nothing was said, so I assume nobody noticed, and discrietely moved the car into the garage :oops:

posted by  Cliffy

Haha nice one there.

I just remembered, at the last place a worked (as a lot guy) I scratched a Bentley. We had the worst parking lot, cars always had to be double parked for everything to fit, and I had to draw out a Jag for a tech or something. Anyway I shuffled a bunch of cars around to get it, and then when I was putting the Bentley back, I just barely skimmed it on a Range Rover. There was a small bit of removed paint about 2 inches wide, right over the wheel well. Needless to say I told my boss right away (he's a decent guy), because I didn't want to be the guy looking at the ground when he asked what the f-uck happened to the Bentley. So I didn't get in any trouble, just a "please be more careful in the future".

We had another lot guy who was a dumbass, he parallel parked cars by bashing the car in front and behind over and over again until the car was in. He sent a car to the bodyshop once a week.

posted by  Mathew

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