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have any of you picked up the latest rolling stone with the story about the "God's Senator"? wow...i dont realy know what to say about this crazy f-ker it is kinda scary that he already has a lot of controll in our government(for those of us that live in the US) i just wanted to see what some other people thought about this...if you havent picked it up yet you should its a great story even though its a little scary!

posted by  pulp_fiction

For those of us that haven't can we get a brief description?...Sounds interesting :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

sure...its quite a long story heres a link to rollingstone's websites if you want to read the story 413546&has-player=true&version= i thinks its the whole story im not positive if it is.

the story is so long that if i gave you a description it would be like a story so go ahead a read

posted by  pulp_fiction

I skimmed through it pretty quickly, and from what I understood, and this quote stuck out at me...
That kind of scared me there...Nobody would let him pass it, but if schools, social security and welfare were taken out, well it makes no sense...abortions, I don't agree with, but there are times when it's acceptable...I remember one post a while ago was that if a crack whore was to get pregnant, an abortion would be the best way to go...Only heterosexual sex, why won't anybody let homosexuals do whatever they want?...Let them live their lives the way they choose. The last one I'm not sure if I misunderstood, but if it means that the man works, while the lady stays at home caring for the kids, that's the most absurd one there...women are equal to men, there's nothing they can't do that we can...and the church ruling all, well that's also pretty stupid. Like this far from a communism...those last two options occurred throughout history, and were taken out for a reason :2cents:

/endrant lol...That's political doesn't come out very often :laughing:

BTW This thread might be one of those arguing over stuff I don't understand type of thread, like the Hillary one, that lost me after the first 10 posts :laughing::ohcrap:

Definitely a good read though, I'll finish it up tomorrow :mrgreen:

posted by  chris_knows

here is some more very scary quotes...

that one is more funny than scary

this makes me say WTF is a matter with this guy?

This quote stood out the most to me

theres much more in the story...go and read it 413546&has-player=true&version=

posted by  pulp_fiction

Any one besides Chris have any thing to add about Sam Bownback?

posted by  pulp_fiction

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