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i'm looking to buy a external hard drive to store my music and i take photos too so ill need to store those also...i have a couple of questions

1) ive been looking and ive heard that Maxtor and Seagate are the best. Are they? or is there some other good companies?

2)how many GB should i get my ipod holds 6 GB but i dont think ill ever use that much but lets say i do,i also like i said take photos i dont know how many i have or will take most like a lot i was looking at avout 40GB is that enough?
(im looking to spend no more than $150 around $100 would be best)

Any help would be great thanks in advance

posted by  pulp_fiction

40 I think should be plenty.

posted by  StiMan

40GB should suffice, a secondhand iPod would do the job nicely.

posted by  fudge

while 40gb will be fine for pictures and music, you can easily get up to 120gb for $110. that... and i also like western digital's hard drives.

take a look at newegg.com, they'll have better prices then pretty much any major store like best buy or circuit city. :wink2:

posted by  pik_d

Buy a hard drive and an enclosure and make it yourself. You could get 200 gigs easy. Avoid Wester Digital. Seagate/Maxtor is what you want. USB2/Firewire enclosure with either ATA133 or SATA (they have to be the same for the hard drive and the enclosure). PM me if you need help.

posted by  VG30DE

thanks for the help every one

posted by  pulp_fiction

if u have a pc and ur not looking to carry the drive around with you, go with buying just a 120gb or 180gb and put it in your computer, dont have to worry abouting using a USB slot and more mem for cheaper, again if your looking to take it around with you, building your own is the next best thing

posted by  ride3k

and what's wrong with western digital?

posted by  pik_d

Absolutely nothing. I have used them for 20 years. Have only had one failure, and I had plenty of notice it was going bad. I just mirror-copied it to a new drive (with the utility WD supplies with the drive), switched the cables and was up and running within an hour.

posted by  philo

i was more or less challenging VG30DE for proof of his statement. i have a few WD's in my computer, not quite for 20 years... but still never had trouble with them.

posted by  pik_d

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