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Alright so i was droping off my girl at her place and started to head home. Since it was like 11:30 on a sunday the streets were basically dead. So with that in mind i comfortably drove at around 80-90. I see something coming up from behind me. I was thinking from the headlights it's a rx-8. Then i realized the car is going to go around me... Without thinking i just keep a steady 85-90. the car FLEW by me. I swear the ****er had to be going around 120+!!!! Now when i got home i started to think. Isn't there a car in newer models that prohibit a speed over 108 or something? It was crazy cool because the person had a loud system and flew by me it was just such a thrill for me.

most of you know i like to start threads with just senseless things that happen to me...i like to share these things.

posted by  95civicdima

Rarely see that around here...sounds pretty cool, do you remember anything else about her as in looks?

Not sure, but I doubt that all models are limited to 108mph, but there's probably a few...

posted by  chris_knows

Considering you were past curfew, you were probably just driving 20 miles slower than what you just said and didn't realize...

EDIT: Forgot you're 18...sorry. In that case, I'm really not sure. I have never heard of ALL cars being governed at 18.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

Keep in mind my day was real rough today... i thought it was an rx-8...but my skills with cars aren't very good so i might be completly wrong as well...

posted by  95civicdima

Nope dude i got a senior license

posted by  95civicdima

You know 8 times out of 10 I'm able to tell the make and model of a car behind me just from the headlights. Those odds bump up a lot more if I can get a glimpse of the taillights. You do realize that a lot of cars are capable of traveling at speeds above 108 (Hell I've gotten my EG6 up to 135mph give or take). The car could have been modded? You wanna here something trippy?
I was cruzin' one night around O'hare just casually speeding( this was the summer I got my hatch and I wanted to know what she could do). Well I was doing 100, when I see this DB-2(~91 Integra GSR) in my mirror coming up really fast. So what do I do? I floor it! I get the needle way past the 130 mark and the guy flew right by me, almost as if I was standing still. He had to be going faster than 140 mph. It was the first time I had ever gotten OWN3D by another 4 banger. I still give the guy mad props for reaching those speeds. When I just bought my hatch, she was in really bad shape, and going over 90 didn't feel all that safe. Things are a lot different now.:laughing:

posted by  elchango36

um whats a 4 banger?

I also have a story of my own. Driving home from raging waters with my friends we were cruisin along at 80 (2005 corolla) and from out of no where 2 motercycles crossed me from both sides doing like 100 missing me by I'd say 1-2 feet so I still had room. After they passed me they went in front of me getting close to each other about 2 feet apart. It was so cool because it looked like something they'd show in a movie chase scene. We had a camera with us, but friends missed it catching it on film because they were rewinding the tape.:doh:

posted by  salimander13

A car with a 4 cylinder engine.

posted by  chris_knows

Cars in Japan are restricted to 112mph or 180kph, not sure if that's all Jap cars or just high performance models....I've never known it to be like that anywhere else though....You'd have been screwed if those headlights were those of a Police Car!.....

posted by  Cliffy

4th gen. Jetta headlights at night are easy to confuse with Crown Vic's (American Police). The main reason is the location of the turn signal (they're both on the inside of the headlight as opposed to the outside corner).

posted by  elchango36

tee-hee...I *used* to be the one passing at 150.

I remember once I was stuck in traffic and I was pissed, once I finally cleared it I romp on the gas and I start flying up on this 993 turbo.

mmm-hmmm. Its on.

But he didn't really race or anything. it just felt good to fly by the P-car at 145. But then I see the P-Cars revenge. not the 993 but this.

big pic, so Ill just link. (

I was going 145...he had to be going about least.

Then I caught up and gave him a big smile and a thumbs up.:mrgreen: :thumbs:

posted by  Zalight

srt-4 is governed at 157 lol
maybe it was a 350z

posted by  newyorker

Oh so your the one i passed!?

I hate the way rx-8's look. Personally i have never liked a Mazda in general. I can get my accord 130+ no prob. Just takes a bit of open road. But i cruise on highways doing 100-110 all the time :thumbs:

I guess thats why im only getting 23 mpg when its supposed to be 30+ mpg lol

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

ha, i love highway races. one time i saw a riced out civic, you know, the wing taller than the car with a tin bean can on the back as the muffler tip? well anyways, i pull up next to him goin 90, he looks over and speeds away, so i floor it, go by him doing 145, funneis thing ever cuz he had the gangster lean going on, ahh it was great...

ricers are funny

posted by  ride3k

ok, so back to the subject.... so your girl, u were saying? pics? phone number? :mrgreen:

posted by  Inygknok

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