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I've been looking for a certain kind of music. I don't know what its called, so I'll try to describe it.

Its sounds like classical music. There are no lyrics. Its made with computers, not instruments.

If you know what Satriani sounds like, its like that but without the guitar.

It might be called Ambience maybe? I guess its a form of Techno or Electronica, but not as fast or beat driven like what you would associate with techno.

Basically what I need is something I don't have to concentrate on too hard, something that will get my heart beating but won't give me a headache. Something I can play while driving or working out.

Excuse the vagueness of this thread, but I know theres someone out there who will know what I am talking about...

posted by  Mathew

download winamp, use the internet radio and find something you like. Then go to that radio stations website and it'll give you info on the artist so you can order it (usually through the station, if they dont give you a link). Theres tons of ambi and techno and instrumental and classical stuff on there. just pick it by category or browse.

posted by  shadowedII

Good idea.

posted by  Mathew

ambient or easy listening would be my guess.

posted by  dodgerforlife

you mean something like this? (

posted by  Zalight

they are some WEIRD looking people. the music is different but not bad. dont get me wrong, i wouldn't listen to it, but its kinda catchy

posted by  glagon1979

I like em...My brother turned me on to them.

posted by  Zalight

On those lines, look up work by Isao Tomita

posted by  ChrisV

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