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I saw on the news this morning that a man was jailed for just twelve weeks for knocking down and killing a three year old girl and driving off. The driver was driving carelessly, in a stollen vehicle, and had no driving license! I was shocked at the sentence given to him. What jury or judge in their right mind overlooks the fact that this was bassically manslaughter? Infact, the driver only got convicted of handling stolen goods, driving without a license or insurance, and careless driving.....there was no mention of killing anyone!

I think the criminal justice system in the UK atleast, needs looking at!

posted by  Cliffy

25 yrs to life sounds about right. really
what idiots...:banghead:

posted by  nighthawk

I'm with Nighthawk, AT LEAST 25 years:banghead:

posted by  chris_knows

WTF :banghead: , Cliffy are you sure it wasn't a minor that was driving?

posted by  GreekWarrior

Nope...in his mid twenties atleast!

posted by  Cliffy

wow that is just sad and so horrible he should get at leats 25:ohcrap:

posted by  mx3_monster

I think the maximum sentence over here is 17yrs....might be different now, but that's what it used to be!

posted by  Cliffy

That's weak...I know in France it was 10 years for murder...

posted by  chris_knows

Man thats just f*cked. :banghead:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Certainly is.

Yup, I personally believe that life should mean life myself!

posted by  Cliffy

You think thats bad, we've got street racers who kill people over here getting "conditional sentences" which is a load of crap. Basically house arrest kind of thing, no jailtime. A lot of people are getting really pissed off about it.

posted by  Mathew

That's Europe for ya.

posted by  jedimario

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