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Happy Birthday CarEXPERT! 17 my ass! :orglaugh:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Happy Birthday :thumbs:...too bad you still know nothing about cars :laughing::JK: and I probably shouldn't be talking lol

posted by  chris_knows

haha its already tomorrow where you live. He still has an hour 40 minutes till I can wish him a happy birthday. Birthdays should be celebrated like a birthday...naked with everyone telling your parents how cute you are.

posted by  salimander13

:orglaugh: :orglaugh: What kind of sick place do you live in? :laughing:J/P

BTW It's been Friday here for almost an hour and a half :badrazz::laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

LMAO...Nice one hehe.....Happy "17th"....."12th"...Birthday!

posted by  Cliffy

LOL, bad Cliff ::smacks Cliff's hand:: :laughing:

posted by  99integra

that kid still roam these forums?

posted by  mazda6man

He seems to be back again, yes

posted by  Cliffy

I haven't seen him...:confused:

posted by  jedimario

Just yesterday he was on yesterday, and made 3 posts:

posted by  chris_knows

link doesn't work chris and isn't it friday and you have oh lets just say school to be at?

posted by  salimander13

Don't you have to be at school? lol...It's only like 12:30 where you are lol.

It's almost 3:30 here :smoke::laughing:

BTW Link works for me, how about this:
And go to view all posts.

posted by  chris_knows

college 6-10:50 its 12 30 here

posted by  salimander13

Oh, you're in College, makes sense then lol

posted by  chris_knows

happy birthday dude. Your's today, mine's tomorrow.

posted by  TurboLag

Wow..I feel really special you guys accually remembered!!:thumbs:

posted by  CarEXPERT

It shows up at the bottom of the page lol

posted by  newyorker

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