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Why is it that in this day in age racism is still tolerable?
I work with 8 guys, and every single one of them uses the N word (and are self described racists );
They use other hate terms as well. I can’t understand why this is acceptable to any one.
I’ve never thought of someone by the color of their skin and I’ve certainly never hated any one based on the color of their skin, or their sexual orientation, or sexual identity. I can’t stand this ideology, I think its wrong.

For example if I were to jury-rig something to work they call it N**** rig it… I grew up never knowing that term at all in fact id never heard it till I moved here, I had always called it Ghetto rigged, I believed ghetto is ok because you don’t have to be black, white, Hispanic or any other nationality to be ghetto. A ghetto person is a trashy person.

Ive talked to both my manager and the owner an no one is doing anything about this… what should I do? I feel out of place and frankly it makes me uncomfortable, I was told I could probably quite and get unemployment because of it… but I wont, I don’t believe I’m in a position where it would warrant it.

So I know there have to be a few of you out there and if not maybe some of you older gents who have been around longer then I can explain it to me. I was raised to believe every one is the same no matter what and should all be treated equally, and with as much compassion as I would show my family. Why is it for a lot of Americans today not ok to hate blacks, or other nationality’s but its ok to hate gays? That one doesn’t make any since, you don’t choose to be gay just like you don’t choose to be what skin color you have… I mean you didn’t wake up one morning and say “hmm today Ill be white and straight” or “Today ill be gay and black” that’s just not how it works.

I really cant understand where all this hatred comes from… maybe I’m just a big pussy (as my co-works call me every day) but I can’t help but feel its wrong and that this should be stopped by any means possible.

posted by  TheFieroKid

End rant//// (as Abe would say lol)
But seriously man it really does get on my last nerve too, I always try to catch people when the say the N word or any other derogatory term but whenever I do it never really clickes, maybe for a couple days, but then they go back to using the terms. It gets very tiring to hear the words that segregated the world back in the ol' days, a lot of people that I talk to that are up north think that southerners are racist ****s still even though times have changed :ohcrap:. So I'm with you with this one.

posted by  99integra

you sound like you take a lot of sh*t
I do too sometimes, but meh, what can you do, i just laugh at them
if they wanna make fun of black people then right on,
we know they are racists and maybe some day they will all get their asses
kicked by some people who REALLY dont wanna hear it.:guns:

posted by  nighthawk

I was raised the same way, and get pissed off when people say stuff like that, even though some of my friends do it...I usually try to stop them, but rarely works :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

What you have here is unfortunately quite widespread. Unless something is done about it, many workplaces remain that way to this day. While you are not being personally discriminated againt because you're white (I believe), you ARE being harrased by being exposed to this type of language.

The first step is to say something to the people who are dong it. The second step is to talk to your boss. It seems as though you already have those bases covered. If you genuinely wnat to put an end to it, your next course of action is to contact the EEOC (http://www.eeoc.gov/) and file a complaint. What these people are doing is more than just ignorant and distasteful. It is illegal and a violation of your rights as a citizen and employee. It's also illegal for you or anyone else who has knowledge of these actions to do nothing.

Final note. No matter how you represent the phrase "ghetto rig" in your post, you know, I know and everyone else knows what you mean when you say it. You're not using the "N" word, but you sure are implying it. Do a little research on the EEOC web site and you'll find out what you need to know and how to go about fixing, or at least stopping, the problem. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

Problem with that is that if the comlaint goes through, and something is done, the boss will know it was him (because he had come to him about it before), and the employees will know (will either figure out or ask the boss) and he might be in for a hell of a lot of trouble then (gang fights, threats, etc.) It happens in my school all the time. If you snitch on someone, you can count on you being jumped withing a week at most.

posted by  newyorker

I really don’t think so, never once even to my self have I thought the N word, like "oh man that guys a N"... to me when I think ghetto (referring to a person) I’m thinking usually of a drug addict or someone running from the police, you can see this behavior on cops all the time... but to be honest the image I get in my head is that of a white man, tattoos, lots of facial hair, bad speaking habits smoking a cigarette, perhaps a woman with like 14 kids (again first image in my head is a white woman) living in the bad side of town living off the government (all ethnicities do this as well). And when I think “ghetto-riged” I think of something very cheaply repaired, like using duct tape to fix a pair of jeans (one of my co workers does this).

So i have to respectfully disagree.
Now if I follow that can I report it anonymously? Or do I have to give my name and stuff? Because frankly I think my boss might fire me or at least cut my hours to like 3 a week so that id quite.

posted by  TheFieroKid

I believe you can do it anonymously, but I won't gaurantee that. Because of the way I run my businesses, this isn't ever a problem so I have no direct personal experience with it. I do know that if you're fired or, have your hours cut, are demoted, etc because of filing a report, that is also against the law. In all honesty, the best thing that can happen is that something of that nature will occur. In short order a good lawyer will make sure that your former boss is now your employee and you are a small business owner, if you get my drift.

posted by  vwhobo

Not if the boss is any good at his job (being incharge), management have a duty to keep this sort of thing confidencial, and if his boss doesn't, it just makes you wonder if you want to be working for such a company :2cents:

I work with a large group of lads myself, but in my job we are constantly in contact with varying ethnic groups, some of them are the politest, most hard works you could imagine!...It goes on where I work too though, and I dont think we'll ever combat it unfortunately :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah this racism is complete shit. I remember meeting this pretty cool guy back in high school until he started talking about the black people cause he had been jumped before(I wonder why?) So I stopped hanging with him. Just cause there was one bad one doesn't make them all bad. I'm lead by a stereotype at work because I'm the only white guy aside from a couple others and I'm classified as rich and I got money. I just let it pass and keep working I'm not gonna let it bother me.

posted by  Spanky2324

Can I ask you honestly... is it wrong if I think thats a beautiful and wonderful thing? LOL

Hes not a very good manager, he says the same things they do... just the other day we had the Bob and Tom morning show on the radio and I was laughing at it, and he said "wow I cant believe your laughing at bob and tom id have thought youd be offended by them"... like out of no where, he can be a complete jack ass.

posted by  TheFieroKid

a lot of it springs from ignorance. and i don't mean that as an insult, just as a fact. i was guilty of it at one time. where and when i grew up and went to school, there were no black students in my grade school, one black student in my jr high, and 2 black students in high school. therefore, all the folks i was surrounded by had almost no experience w/ black people. all that we "knew" about black people was derived from nearby gary, tv, or people from gary coming into surrounding areas to cause trouble. basically all bad things, but that was all we knew, really. later in life, i met my wife, who was raised in washington dc, detroit, and indianapolis, all of which have a fairly diverse mix of people. she introduced me to a lot of good black folks, and essentially forced me to reevaluate my standpoint on race relations. i feel that i am a much more accepting person now, and that i have come a long way compared to the people surrounding me... though my current job, i am exposed to way more black people than ever before in my life, and i think that is a good thing. for instance: there is a restaurant that i service in gary that is in a neighborhood that you generally want to leave at dusk. there are crackheads (white crackheads, i might add) digging through the dumpsters in the middle of the day and smoking crack right on the sidewalk. but it is one of my favorite places to service, b/c the people in there are so friendly, you wouldn't believe it. i went there the other day, and a teenager that some people would cross the street to avoid, based on looks held the door open for me with a "here ya go" and a smile while i was carrying equipment in. sometimes ignorance really makes people miss out on nice people...

posted by  dodger65

The core problem with the whole race thing is that we are all tribal. In it's minimalistic form the family unit is a tribe and in a broader context whole nations are tribes. And in any tribe there are heirachies.

In so far as being offended by the derogatory use of the slang word for negro, well when I was at school people were catagorised into three basic groups: Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid. In a strange twist even Bible thumping Christians embraced this Darwinian idea that the fairer the skin and less pronounced the bone structure the more evolved away from primates. The Nazis went so far as to consider blue eyes, fair skin and fair hair indicators of superior breeding.:roll: Just to show how obtuse the classifications are, our aboriginal blacks are considered caucasian, as are various inhabitants of south east asia. There is little mistaking a negro however.

Humour an outsider on how he sees the US black situation:

Because they have superior structure for strength the tribal African blacks were enslaved by Muslims and sold to fair skinned Christian plantation owners in the Americas to do what machines do now. Generation upon generation were subjecated and kept uneducated, implicit proof that brawn compromises brain. Then when finally given some reasonable freedoms they migrate enmass for better conditions to northern industrial heartlands in search of prosperity, self esteem and freedom from racial southern whites. Straight up there is a clash of cultures with struggling whites having to compete with struggling blacks for unskilled or production line work.

Being used to low pay, the Negro is employed by industrialists to do what whites are loath to do. This creates a precedent for lowering wages across the board. Some Negros can't believe their good fortune in actually being able to afford things and soon start buying houses in Jewish enclaves called Ghettos. The jews have long considered themselves victims and are less likely to object to another suppressed minority sharing the neighbourhood for fear of being seen as negatively racist.

So the Jews (and other eastern europeans) know that they better sell up and move incase their proeprty values drop as more blacks move in. Afterall it's the banks who ultimately decide where infrastructure spending is going to occur and sure as shit it isn't going to be in areas where black people who are inherently only good for picking cotton and toting bales. Having an idealology against racism is one thing, but seeing your assets and ammenities eroded because of others racism is another...there no need to be a matyre for the cause.

So the Govt steps in with positive programmes to make the caucasian population more accepting of the Negro and the increasingly questionable Moorish coloured Spanish. The vocal and influential white americans, still prosperous from the fifties wealth generated in large part by low cost black and hispanic labour, weren't about to give anything away without a fight, afterall it was the white guys who saved the US and the world from tyranny and oppression.

No problem the middle class can keep it's wealth, the white underclass can sacrifice it's position in favour of positive discrimination for blacks, by giving up their jobs. The black guy doesn't like this because it's like feeding peanuts to the chimp at the zoo, but heh a job is a job and the kids need an education and food on the table to get ahead. The disposessed whites are now called trailor trash and building up hatred.

So for the past 40 or so years blacks have become "Black- Americans" so you can't tell them apart from the rest of the population. Many have risen to greatness if only as entertainers and atheletes and proudly call each other "my nigga". They look after their own, by taking on acting parts that portray the "Black -American" as an indolent, foul mouthed, violent, drug addicted, uneducated, rat cunning, gutter trash that deserves to be shot by the good, inariably caucasian guys, to the whole world sitting in cinemas. It's almost like there is a deliberate program to portray the black as sub human in the movies as if to deflect attention away from the people who run the movie and music industries. Any browney points actors like Sidney Poitier and the other handful of decent black entertainers had accumulated seem to have evaporated.

In the absence of any ancestoral pride I guess the young blacks take their cues from the entertainment media? Likewise I guess if young whites are raised with the idea that discussing ethnic differentiation is taboo, they must be getting their ideas from somewhere outside the home....you know, blacks are badarses and whites are victims? People who deserve recognition such Dr Condoleezza Rice are cynically seen as beneficieries of positive discrimination rather high achieving public servants.

So how did I do?

And TheFieroKid if a group of white guys insist on being snivelling little boys, using naughty words when not in earshot of their mommies, it should reinforce that crass and class are attitudes not physical attributes. Maybe one day when you are a captain of industry you will accept racial features and make your employment decisions on maturity and productiveness of your employees. In the meantime let them know that others in the world might just be sniggering about them like they do about their fellow citizens.

posted by  Wally

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

as usual, well put, wally...

posted by  dodger65

Fierokid, if you are planning on going through with the complain, one of the best things to do is get some kind of voice recording or SOME kind of evidence I believe. Just a thought, and I do not believe it would be to hard.

posted by  Pythias

No not hard at all, I have a cell with a recorder on it.

posted by  TheFieroKid

:cussing: I still have around 6 months before my contract is done nad I can byu a new cell phone at the discounted price on the same plan. Oh well I didn't pay for this one in the first place so. :ohcrap:

posted by  Pythias

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