SO I went to the local BMW dealership....

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...And look what they had in stock in the CPO section:

Thats my friend (dude that was the basis for BOB in this ( story) giving props to the M

MMMMMMMM....507 horsepower:

and all that can be had for the mere price of:

Its used and has 1400 miles on it.

posted by  Zalight

OMFG She's beautiful :drool: :drool: :drool:

I remember that story, good read :smoke:

posted by  chris_knows

that is such a nice car:banana:

posted by  mx3_monster

I drove one the other day. Just into the shop. I was helping a tech PDI it. I didn't get to do the road test though. :ohcrap: . It sucks not being a fully licensed tech yet.

posted by  Mathew

That's one nice car...not sure about the styling...but with that kinda power, I'd sacrifice looks lol

posted by  Cliffy

You should see the top gear episode. Clarkson just HATES the thing. He spends aout 10 minutes going over what sucks about the car. Then he pushes the "///M" button and his mind changes. :laughing:

posted by  Mathew

I know, I've seen it lol.....he also doesn't like how you have to press loads of buttons to get all those horsies lol

posted by  Cliffy

Its true about the signals though. On all 5's and 7's too I believe. You have to just tap it to make it stop. Not like fixed positions like on most cars.

The iDrive can be so tedious too. Just to reset tire pressure warning (I fix a lot of flats), or check the oil service, or whatever you need to do. The older techs have real problems with it.

posted by  Mathew

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