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im trying to think of a movie i saw some time ago. its not too old and im pretty sure its harvey keitel in it. mafia style of course. and near the end he gets into a shoot-out with a bunch of mexicans in a bar after he says chill out refried or something along those lines. agh what is the title of this movie>?

posted by  chloroform

Hmm, the only movie I remember with Harvey Keitel and a bunc of Mexicans is "From Dusk Til Dawn"...the Quentin Tarantino vampire flick, but he played a priest.

posted by  TanyasMkIISupra

it wasnt fdtd maybe around that era though or a bit more recent.
it was more of a pulp fiction style movie, possibly one of his lesser known ones. all i remember is he walks into this restaurant/bar with a bunch of mexican gang members there and they start yelling at each other and it gets really heated. and then they all take out their guns and start shooting at each other point blank. i think keitel kills all of them and walks out. i thought it was hilarious. it looked to be in LA. maybe it was a popular movie, i just cant put a face to it cause hes been in so many roles like this.
thanks anyway

posted by  chloroform

Try here: IMDb (

He's made a lot, so I'm not sure which one, but hope it helps :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

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