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Hi all, just got back from a two month vacation (sorta). I crewed on a sailing vessel from San Fransisco, CA down to Baja California. Had a great time, lots of fun, lots of work(as the technician). Stopped in San Pedro LA, Thurloe, Cabo San Lucas and Lapaz and various islands along the way, anyways got some pics.. here they are!
Golden Gate Sunset
Channel Island Drilling Platforms
San Pedro Harbor at night
Thurloe, MX
The boat
The crew
The boat again
And again, at sunset

Just thought i'd share, more to come

posted by  Bubba

welcome back Bubba those are some nice pics:thumbs:

posted by  mx3_monster

Looks like you had fun :hi:

Welcome back :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

That must have been fantastic. Well done.

posted by  Wally

See,,I said he'd be back lol.

Welcome back, Babba. WE wished you a happy Birthday, CF style.....the thread's linked below! Amazing pics too, thanx!

Click Here (http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=20127&highlight=Happy+Birt hday+SuperJew+Bubba)

posted by  Cliffy

Welcome back to CarForums. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Great, Thanks guys well this time i reckon i'm here to stay :thumbs: (though i think i said that before..) So anything i missed while i was away? musta missed something..:screwy:

Oh yeah i made the nobody in particular fanclub logo prettier too..:mrgreen: :thumbs:

posted by  Bubba

No probs...glad you're back for good!

posted by  Cliffy

I noticed the logo, and it does look nicer now...and the other one was a red X as of recently lol...You've missed a good bit of drama lol, but nothing ground breaking (that I can remember) lol..

posted by  chris_knows

Welcome back Bubba. Can I borrow your boat? :mrgreen:

posted by  97Talonchik

well we do do charters, so if you ever come up to the San Fransisco, CA area, we'd be happy to give you a ride!:thumbs:

oh and btw happy birthday!:clap:

posted by  Bubba

Welcome back you summamah bitch!

Looks like you had a great vacation man!

posted by  Zalight

BUBBAAA!! Sup man?!? :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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