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I was taking the bus to uni this morning and some dickhead threw a f*cken rock through the window of the bus, I was the lucky person that was sitting next to the window that got shattered when this happened. :banghead:

I was covered in glass, lucky I didn't get hit with the damn rock, fortuantly the bus was pretty empty and no-one was sitting on the other side where the rock went.

I was picking pieces of glass out of my head in my first lecture today. :banghead:

Has this happened to anyone else??

posted by  GreekWarrior

yeah man...like 3 or 4 times...this week.

NO!! Why didn't you jump out the bus and fucking kill them with a goddamn ICE PICK TO THE TEMPLE!!!!

posted by  Zalight

You take public transport??? The only time I'll take public transpotation is when I have to go somewhere where I know I wont find parking (downtown Chicago for example).

posted by  elchango36

I would have but I didn't see them, it was like tunnel then a a small gap where another bus station is (we didn't stop there) and then another tunnel, this idiot threw it between the tunnels.

It was like, tunnel tunnel tunnel sunlight SMASH wtf tunnel tunnel tunnel.

posted by  GreekWarrior

I have to, it's a bit of a distance from my house, petrol costs money and it's hard to find parking, I hate public transport. :banghead:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Do you look Leb?

posted by  Wally

Sorry to hear that, Greak. Did you manage to pick all the glass out of your head?

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah I got all of it out, I don't look leb but I do look a bit greek. :ohcrap:

posted by  GreekWarrior

yikes, never had that shit happen. then again, the only public transportation i took was the school bus until grade 10....and at that...there was like 8 people on that bus...and we had basically grown up with each other haha

posted by  dodgerforlife

Haha I threw that rock! Man small world, small world.

posted by  Scolson

i know it wasant funny but the way you put it here sure is:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

That sucks...I've taken the bus to the mall a couple of times, and shuttle buses if there's no parking near by...and then every Monday for a while, when I had to do volunteer work for my 40 hours, but never heard of something like that happening...Hope they didn't mess you up so you couldn't whore so much :laughing::ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

that sucks dude. Someone at my high school threw a penny at the bus and got suspended from school. So can't imange what would happen to that person if they ever get caught.

posted by  salimander13

damn man that sucks sorry to hear that luckily its never happened to me:laughing:

posted by  mx3_monster

Then I'd be looking for a Leb.

posted by  Wally

Dude that sucks...I've enver heard of anyhting like that happening before, that's really wierd. Hope you're alright!:ohcrap:

posted by  jedimario

My brother was on a bus once and it caught on fire.

But at least you got a good story out of it. Think of it that way :thumbs:

posted by  Mathew

Hey GW, did it knock some sense into you? :orglaugh:

posted by  97Talonchik

No I just got covered in shards of "knowledge". :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior


posted by  nighthawk

Hey, this is Brisbane, not Sydney:evil:

posted by  windsonian

Ironic...I once lit a bus on fire....well not the whole thing, just the back of the seat in front of me.

posted by  Zalight

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