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Is is it anyway possible that in years to come
driving virtual simulators will replace actual driving for Driver's Ed? Or at least for getting a permit? i was doing research and except for Sierra 1998 Driver's Education game there are NO others driving simulators unless it's racing or something. Does anybody know of any store bought product or downloadable game or software for the computer that let's you doing virtual reality driving in the sense of taking driving test and driving with an instructer etc....

The only reason i posted here is because all of the other forum topics seems to have not been used in a while and i was worried this one wouldn't get answered.

posted by  DanTheMan76

i never really thought about it, but dont you think the best way to learn driving is to drive in a real car in real life?:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

My teacher got that (Sierra's Driving) game for our auto shop class, and it's pretty realistic...He's got a steering wheel, and pedals for it, and it's drive a red station wagon, gotten her up to 84 mph (Can't go faster than that lol)...And there's different tests, like parallel parking, and emergency braking and stuff, and see what it's like to drive drunk...The instructor says corny things, but overall it's a really fun game...There was another game that I found that was a simulator, I'll tell you if I find it, and then there's this one:

(My records 4 demerits :smoke: )

posted by  chris_knows

there are flight simulators, train simulators, and maybe other things... i'd say flight sim's are the most logical, as flying seems really fun, (and of course multiplayer basicly degrades to dive bombing each other, or... atleast for my 9th grade aerospace class). on the other hand, train simulators... compared to driving or flying, i dont see there being much to do. but like flying, it's something that people dont do every day, so that's the angle i can see them comming from to make that game.

while car sims seem like there would be more to do then train sims, it's something that most people over 16 do anyway, so it's got that much less of a reason to make it.

i dont know how many people want to drive home from work to get on a computer and drive some more... if the game was a real driving sim, it would punnish you for speeding, hitting stuff, etc. while running from the police and other stuff would be fun in such a realistic game, there's other games out there that reward you with a point system for that... AND, having tons of good looking car models would really really tax most computers, especially in stop-and-go traffic conditions. and a car sim without traffic would be pointless.

basicly, it may happen eventually, but... it's really not one of the game ideas that anyone want's to jump on making, when they can make something like GTA instead.

posted by  pik_d


Here's the game I was thinking of, called CarWorld, very basic (539KB), but fun, and kills time, also somewhat realistic...

You get to drive a Semi, but there's some Porsche files in there that even with all of my Ha><0r skills, I can't get to work...but if anyone who can wants to, feel free lol...

To change views press F2 and F3 is to reset the game...

posted by  chris_knows

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