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If you want to read about my trip and see alot of pictures from it, you can go here ( and read all about it. There's also a ton of pics, 56K beware :laughing:

I'll also tell you some about the cars I saw down there, and some other automotive-related things.

Well, I was suprised that the "average" car down there, at least in the region I was in, was not some beater or something that would be revolting to people in the states, but actually pretty nice. New cars were not a rare thing. The most common car of course was the Volkswagen Bettle. Behind that were alot of small cars from Nissan, Ford, and Chevy. The Ka and Fiesta were plentiful enough, and so was the Chevy, but I forget what it's called. There were also a TON of these- ickup2.jpg
In fact, Nissan was probably the most common brand of car down there, which suprised me quite a bit.

So what other cars were popular? This also suprised me, there were tons of F-150's and Silverados, and a few Titans, Rams, and Tundras(although they weren't called Tundras) and this kinda thing was on quite a few of the pickups down there, probably a little more common then any kind of bed cover would be here- ls.jpg

One last note, I saw a Fusion down there, but have yet to see one here. I found that a little odd :confused:

There were also a very large amount of Taxis. About 95% of them were Sentras, and they all looked something like this- jpg
But most of the Sentras were older than that one.

And for police vehicles, in Rio Verde, I only saw one police car the entire time, and I saw it again on the highway to San Luis, so it must've been state police or highway patrol or some other variation of that sort- tePolice.jpg
The rest were pickups that were painted like this- dePolice2.jpg

posted by  jedimario

And oh yeah, how can I forget, the rice down there was abysmally horrible-(note the TRD decal on the focus) nRice5.jpg nRice3.jpg nRice2.jpg

Well that about wraps it up, hope you enjoyed it!

posted by  jedimario

some nice pics, sounds cool:thumbs:

posted by  mx3_monster

Looks like you had fun :hi:

So how were the hookers? :laughing: JP

My fav picture would be the Ferrari Scooter :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

depending on where you are in mexico, you really start to see a lot of VW's, like the golf and jetta and another model that only exists in mexico (theres a big VW manufactoring market there, it's where ours come from). most of the bigger SUV's, if you pay attention, are with American plates... mostly Texas.

posted by  shadowedII

I think it's safe to say that Nissan and Volkswagon dominate the Car market in the motherland:laughing: .

posted by  elchango36

did you see any donkey shows haha

posted by  salimander13

Actually, all the big SUV's had SLP plates on them. Off the top of my head, I remember an M-Class and an Escalade w/ SLP plates.

posted by  jedimario

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