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man I hate it so much, today was pretty much a cold sunny day so I go outside to sand down my car. Then it starts to drizzle a bit then the drizzle stops and the sun disappears, still cold. I continue to work on my car and the drizzle comes back, then stops. Working...(starts approximate time)rain....followed by hail...then followed by rain..followed by some more hail...then some more rain...then the sun comes out(ends approximate time) all this happened in about 15 minutes erg, it did this yesturday also and its really starting to bug me....ok end rant

posted by  salimander13

It hailed here recently (rare for any time of year lol), while there was already snow and ice on the roads! lol, but that's messed up...Maybe it's a sign of "The Day After Tomorrow" :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

my weather can be pretty crazy at times,
had freezing rain this morning, well thats not bad but it was today:laughing:
sucks too cause you were tryin to sand your car,

posted by  nighthawk

good tihng it was wet sanding, but still I could have been there another hour and a half. Now that I took a warm shower and im nice and comfy I do'nt want to go back out. Also It was freezing rain/hail, I couldn't feel my fingers and now im having a hard time typing because they are moving so slow and they are well u know what its like when you can't feel your do the math

posted by  salimander13

before today and yesturday its hailed once in my life...soo add the 5 and carry the 3 yea, in the last two days its hailed more than in my whole life here. If its a sign of "the day after tomorrow" that would suck because I would have found something else better to do. :ohcrap:

posted by  salimander13

well you live in california,

theres about 7 feet of snow most places here in the second half of winter:hi:

posted by  nighthawk

yea california, the day we see snow down here is when hell freezes over.

posted by  salimander13

I think it's been really nice here the last couple days.. getting warmer and warmer (and the snows starting to melt). Was almost nice enough for a short sleeve shirt today lol.

posted by  car_crazy89

yeah, the past few days have been in the 50's, which was a relief from the 10-20 degrees we had a week or two ago. today was really nice though, in the mid 60's! YAY

posted by  moostang104314

You cant get much more unpredictable than our British weather minute it's raining, the next minute it's sunny and after that it snows lol. Infact, it should be warming up now, given that it's pretty much spring (fall?), but it's as cold as ever, -4 yesterday night!...and snow in some parts of the country. Fair enough, it's usually northern counties that suffer the worst of it...but even so, English weather's pretty poor at the best of times!

posted by  Cliffy

Try living in Vancouver, one day we'll have steady downpours, the next it'll be sunny and cloudless, the next it'll be 80 km/h winds.

3 days ago it snowed a few inches at my house, and in some areas, more than a foot. Yesterday it was bright and sunny, about 12 degrees C.

posted by  Mathew

Its funny to see that your usual weather is like this, and we think its weird because were not used to it. The weather has basically stabalized, there are still storm clouds thatmight hit us and its windy and cold, but for the most part its smooth sailing.

posted by  salimander13

no hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes for me:laughing:

just blizzards:doh:

posted by  nighthawk

I heard it was snowing somewhere in Arizona today, been in the 70s in the northeast? It's been pretty mild down here, not too humid, which is pretty odd for south fla.

posted by  TanyasMkIISupra

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