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The movie is called Kids in America.
It’s about a group of high school students band together to peacefully stick it to their overbearing principal. But its more about that... its about civil disobedience and about activism, about kids standing up for the same rights so many fight every day to defend.

Id tell more of the plot but if I did that youd miss out, this movie spoke to me and was wonderfully done.
If you haven’t seen it yet, go rent it.

posted by  TheFieroKid

**Looks on IMDb**

Looks good lol, I'll probably watch it sometime, even with Nicole Richie in it :laughing:

BTW Is it really like Dead Poet Society, because that was a pretty good movie lol...

posted by  chris_knows

Well DPS doesnt really tackel any modern socal issues...

But it is right to say both are very good movies.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Just watched the movie, and it really did kick ass lol...My favourite was Chuck (the fat kid) :laughing:...That guy was hillarious.

The movie was funny, and had a good message in there too...It's pretty similar to "The Perfect Score" :smoke::2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

I dunno, RT wasn't a huge fan.


I know you're going to say "Are you some zombie that only listens to the critics? Think outside the box!"

Except that movie critics tend to be intelligent people, and they tend to agree with me. So sometimes they save me 2 hours and $5.

On a sidenote, rent a movie called "Elephant". Its also about high school kids. Beware, it is mostly very slow, but if you don't know already, the end will shock you to your very core. (and its not a horror movie, thats not what i mean).

posted by  Mathew

Critics don't know anything :badrazz: jp...I enjoyed it, although I do agree with what some people say, it was a copy of a couple of other movies, it just had a better message IMO.

posted by  chris_knows

the best part was when they were in the gym and he took control over the video system... and the coach and his assastant... that was pretty funny.

posted by  TheFieroKid

:orglaugh: Yeah :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

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