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I have an '88 Acura Integra, and the speakers are crappy. I have an Alpine CDA-7873 head unit installed, but everything else is stock. I want to make the sound a little more bearable (IE, it doesn't start buzzing at the slightest inference of bass). I don't really want to spend more than say $300. Do you think I should just replace the speakers, or am I to be using amps and a subwoofer? I really don't know shit about car audio, but if someone explains it to me, I'll catch on pretty quickly.

Also, since this car won't last forever, I want to be able to transfer the new speakers to another car if necessary.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

PS, I really only want to spend $200. But I might stretch it....

PSS, I'm willing to go used....if thats a good idea....

posted by  Mathew

Ok, so all the car audio experts are ignoring me now?

posted by  Mathew

For $200-$250 you could get a cheap set of components and an amp to power them up front. That would improve the sound drastically.



posted by  thunderbird1100

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