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ok, here you go, a brand new thread, just for your senile ass. Ok, you caught me, i am the biggest liar here on the board, oh no, what will i do now?

how about we go over a little thing first? my "statements" shall we?
ok, so you cuaght me, sorry i didnt put a question mark on the end, i was kinda hoping you had some ounce of intelect to infer i was asking you to show me what the big truth was, how you did not pick up on it is beyond me, but you did not, and thats that

now, to the gas issue. I NEVER LIED. I never stated that 6 months ago the prices for premium gas were over 3 bucks, if you had read all those little words i had strung together for you, you would have seen that i had said that up till about five months ago i had only paid attention to the regular gas prices. So, we would have to deal with median regular gas for up till about 5, or 4, months ago. The data you showed, showed that the median gas price HAD NOT RISEN OVER 3 DOLLARS, i dont know what you saw that showed otherwise. It did show the price spiked to like 3.01 or something a little over 6 months from the disscusion, but again, since you like specificity (i cant spell get over it) it wasnt in the time frame. I want to know what you are going on about, enlighten me.

Oh, just so you know, that last line is a question, seeing as how requests are questions and thats what it is. just incase you didnt make it to that level of english.

EDIT: here ill give you the graph you showed me on march 15th, with a few lines i added in
http://img161.imageshack.us/img161/3185/gas95th.th.png (http://img161.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gas95th.png)

the green and blue lines are on sept. 12th, a little bit past your six month cut off, but hey, ill give you a little bit of slack. The Green goes straight up to its first intersection with the graph, then i made another lne going to the price, which is not well under 3.00, but it is around the 2.98 - 3.01 rang, which is close w/o an exact number

now, if we move closer the 15th, exactly 6 months before you posted the link, we see the lines (brown and pink/purple) fall very short of the 3 dollar mark, disproving your theroy on prices.

And yes these are avg prices, accounting for places like where i live (lower price) and downtown (higher prices)

posted by  ride3k

Dont agree with that. If I tell my bitch to suck my **** im telling her to, not asking if she wants to :thumbs:

posted by  newyorker

What bitch? :laughing:
Sorry bro i just had too, LOL.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Are we talking median or mean?


posted by  Wally

*slaps forehead* mean, my bad, the charts shows the mean, gah stupid math terms...

posted by  ride3k

Okay sweetie, just for you I'll make this a simple and slow as possible so you can keep up. I'll also try to use real small words so you have an easier time moving your lips while you read. Where shall we start? I guess at the beginning, but first let's let all the other people see what threads brought us to this point.



Are you done whining yet?

Sorry e-tard. Even if you put a question mark at the end of a statement, it's still just a statement with incorrect punctuation. No matter what symbol you put at the end, "and if i dont see the truth, feel free to enlighten me, im waiting" and "still am looking for the big truth btw hobo" are still statements.

No shit Sherlock, and if you could read I never said you did. I'm the one who said;

So now you're just bellyaching to hear yourself bellyache. You're so stupid and dishonest you're trying to put words into your own mouth.

I did. You seem to be the one with the reading comprehension problem, and I just proved it.

Well, no. What I showed you was average gas prices, which in the real world is not the same as median price. But either way...

So which one was it Twinkie. First you say "the median gas price HAD NOT RISEN OVER 3 DOLLARS" and then you say "It did show the price spiked to like 3.01 or something". Are you saying that $3.01 is less thn $3? You're so busy trying to show me how smart you are that you're contradicting yourself. The link showed the average price of regular gas as being $3.01+ the first week of Sep '05. That means some stations were less, and some where more. And if you check the dates, it was exactly at the 190 day mark, which any reasonable person would agree is;

I can't for the life of me find the words exactly or less than six months. Right at gives you a little leeway for not looking at the calender and counting days.

Okay, just so you know;

I made it well past that level of English... Sometime around the fourth grade. In the future, I suggest that if you want to have a battle of wits, that you first go out and find yourself some. You have once again proven that you are a pimple on the ass of this forum, unable to tell the truth or accept facts that don't mirror your ill concieved opinions. If you'd like to save what little face you have left and drop it here, that's fine by me. But individuals like you are very predictable, and I'm sure you'll come back with some ignorant response which will only further prove my impression of you. Have a nice day and let's drop this subject here.

posted by  vwhobo

ok, hobo, you want the win have it, obviously unless i stand next to you, and draw little lines connecting what you said in that thread to what you said now, you will never get it. Dont even dare ask me to do it now, b/c unlike you i have stuff to do namely school, work, and sports. So i stated what happened, and waht was said, you go and pick random quotes and make up things that i said to fit what you want to say. The real world dosent work that way, and since this isnt the real world, but a place were old men like you come to whack off with their years of experience i am not bothering arguing with you anymore, except for your damn horrible english

please tell me, when you "ask for" something do you use a question mark? hey wait, i just proved myself right there. If i ask for something, it is a damn question. A REQUEST IS A QUESTION. YOU CANNOT MAKE A REQUEST WIHTOUT MAKING A QUESTION. to request is the the verb of a question, as asking a question is the verb of a request. it seems you need to take 4th grade english again

posted by  ride3k

so they are each others verb?

do you know the definition of recursive? because you basicly hit that on the head.

ok, let's look at it this way:
"i'm still looking for that information, enlighten me."
"will you give me that information?"

both of those imply that you want to get some information, and from the person you're directly talking to.
BUT, there's a reason one has a period, and one has a question mark.

the first one is a statement followed by a command, technically. the second one is a question. i remember in middle school (elementry school is just a big blank for me :doh: ) when they made sure we knew the difference between a command and a question.

posted by  pik_d

I have not read a single word of this thread yet...i will tomorrow.

But I do have these words of advice:


Why do so many people hate on the hobo?

posted by  Zalight

aw come on people, whats with all the :cussing: (fighting) cant we all just get along, i mean come on people, where is the love? lets just all get along:thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

because people see him as an asshole by the way he comes off, especially newbs. i did, but i now understand (some what) how he goes about things.

posted by  glagon1979

I know I'm wasting my time with you, but I'm healing a f*cked up back so what the hell.

Drawing little lines? Is that what you do in kindergaten sweetie? You're so busy with "school, work, and sports". Wow, I'm impressed. I'm busy running multiple businesses, taking care of my family and building a new house. You have it so tough.

Actually my little Twink, you fabricated a story using some of the facts. After all, it was me that provided links to both of the threads so everyone could read them and decide for themselves. And I never picked random quotes, I was very specific as to the ones a picked. Otherwise we would have had to quote the entire conversation, much of which contained your whining drivel.

What exactly do you know about the real world Twinkie? Somehow or another I managed to have mutiple successful careers, raise a family, prepare for retirement and have a hell of a lot of fun in the real world. You on the other hand are a know nothing teenybopper, living at home, sponging off of mommy and daddy who still can't accept the fact that he was wrong from the very beginning of this. Remember, according to you there aren't summer and winter gasoline compounds and that we're in a gas crisis.

You still don't get it, and as long as you're convinced you have a clue, you never will. This is a question Twinkie;

Ride3k, will you blow me?

And this is a request;

Ride3k, blow me please.

I know you get both that question and request on a regular basis. Can you see the difference now? Everyone else can. Maybe we're just not all as smart as you think you are. Have a nice day and don't respond unless you have something intelligent to say.

posted by  vwhobo

Its ok it happens:orglaugh:

posted by  newyorker

So a Period is the same as a full stop? lol...well, ya learn something new every day....It all makes sense now :laughing:

Honestly though, Ride3k, why start a thread that is so clearly aimed at flaming?

posted by  Cliffy

Because he wanted his very own thread to publically display his ignorance and dishonesty. When this one backfired on him, he went back to spreading his special brand around other threads. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

yeah, hobo, im just wondering y ure a dick?

posted by  65stang44

And I'm wondering why you are asking that with only 2 days and 8 posts under your belt?

posted by  hondaman

and im wondering when i asked u to post on something not commenting u im commenting hobo you homo

posted by  65stang44

And I'm wondering if you could translate that appropriately for someone whose first language was English?

posted by  hondaman

Stang, If I see one more post from you in this thread....I'm gonna ban your arse into etard land mate!

posted by  Cliffy

j/w, are you and hobo like butt buddys or what?

posted by  65stang44

Well goodbye, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

posted by  hondaman

that makes plenty of sense there buddy, and bout the last comment bout the first language not being english "pare el intentar estar fresco" weddo

posted by  65stang44

Actually, I wanted a translation for someone whose first language IS English, as it seems you have an obvious deficiency in this area.

posted by  hondaman

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