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i was reading some forum about GT4 and there was one big 30 something page thread about the maximum speed of a car in that game,

i read it, and apparently

300mph is extremely hard,
anything over 350mph is obviously BS (at least, according to them:smoke: )

the funny part is this,

2 or 3 days ago i was playing this game, with the toyota gt one race car
(red and white lemans car)

screwed around with the settings for about a half hour, trying different things out

my previous record was 293 in the TVR speed 12,

in the toyota, I managed 340.2 with No wheelie trick at all
I even tried to get a wheelie, but it was nothing like in the third game,
the front of the car goes up, but not way up. and I had trouble breaking 320

just read this and Im very proud of myself, :laughing:
too lazy to join their forum just to share

anyone else do 300+?

posted by  nighthawk

*crickets like mad*

posted by  nighthawk

I think I had over 300mph in that Pikes Peak car....that was GT3 though!

posted by  Cliffy

oh yes, ive had my fun there...

im trying to get it in 4, but u gotta do a tough rally race:ohcrap:

posted by  nighthawk

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