How difficult is in your country to buy a house?

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I would like to know if in the place where you live it is easy or difficult to buy a house/flat.
Things in my country are getting worst and worst with this subject.

Thanks in advance and regards.

posted by  flesh

Aren't you one of those morons from forocoches that never got banned?

posted by  hondaman

Uh, let's see. You pick out a house, you pay your money and you now own a house. Does this thread have a point?

posted by  vwhobo

Ufff. That day I only posted twice. That day I discovered your forum, and I realized it could be a good mean for meeting new people.
If you wanted me to be banned, tell it first to me. I will go away.

posted by  flesh

In other words. A normal salary in your country is enough for buying a normal house?

posted by  flesh

thats why you workout a payment plan, and if you choose a house way out of your budget maybe your not ready to be on your own:thumbs:

posted by  salimander13

In Canada we live in igloos, so we have to make new houses every couple of weeks. I'll buy my ice blocks, but some people make theirs. It comes to about $50 a week for me :smoke:


posted by  chris_knows

Oh really? That's interesting, I do it Pingu style and I karate chop snow into perfect blocks and put them together. Of course all the money I have goes to syrup and booze

It's a hard technique but I have got it down. ;)

posted by  Benson

Don't forget hockey sticks, snowmobiles, and tobogans :wink2:

posted by  chris_knows

Over here in the UK it's getting increasingly harder to by a house, especially on an average wage...:ohcrap:

Flesh, if you are one of those members (which I think you are), I suggest that you behave yourself from now on...and if any of your 'mates' return, they'll be banned, possibly along with you too! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

If you see my posts here you will realize that I am behaving myself.
Maybe the way I came in here the first time were not the better one. I repeat that I only posted twice or three times. In fact, most of the people you tell about aren't mates of mine. They came in fact from another car-forum (different from the one I use to be).


posted by  flesh

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