my mazda 6

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i love her

posted by  mazda6man

it looks even better in person.

posted by  PodunkPunk

ya it looks good man. i like the color.
is that you in the car?

posted by  Loophole

wow thats a nice car, what r the specs on her??

posted by  skullz

yeh, thats me... oh and for the specs, just go to and click on the mazda 6. then go to specs... its the S

posted by  mazda6man

both of you look sweet bro :twisted:
just messin with ya..

posted by  Deepdish

Drove a 6 today...Very Nice!
It reminded me alot of old SVT Contour (makes sense because they're both based off the european Mondeo platform :) )

posted by  Turbocoupe27

Ah.. i LOVE the mazda6s, im actually looking to buy one, i doubt it though, im pretty tight for cash

posted by  Conc3pt

LOL you look lost 8O

posted by  starfish

nice :D 00/fc31b1fa.jpg.thumb.jpg coool 8)

posted by  giggles82

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