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can a cop give u a ticket for something minor after it happened? I was with my friend and he was driving and he switched lanes. Then the car in front of us braked hard so we switched back to the right lane. after switching back to left lane ( since we needed to get on entrance ramp) we noticed that about 100 yards behind us was a cop with flashing lights. we slowed down to the right about 20 yards away from the entrance ramp. The car behind us was kind close to us so it was prob really hard to see the car if u were driving by... so the cop flyies by us and then goes on teh brakes... now no one was stopped but moving at about 5mph so we had made the turn onto the entrance ramp. The cop kept going to get on an entrance ramp that either takes you the opposite direction on the highway or on a street parrallel ( spelling) to the direction we were going. ( north) He went to the parrallel street and slowed down. The highway was filled with traffic ( construcrtion ahead) so we turned into a Staples parking lot and waited there for about 10min. Now my question is can the cop if he saw the plates ( which i am sure he didn't since the other car was so close to us) could he somehow end up giving a ticket to my friend? I ask this because i know if it was an ordinary car u would say no he couldn't verify that it was ur car but my friend has a highly modded 96 accord both visualy and performance wise. what u guys think? thanks tell me if it's kinda confusing what happened i will try to explain better.

posted by  V-Tec

Are you completely certain that you were the one the police officer was after and that he was not just responding to an emergency call on the radio?

posted by  hondaman

well the reason that i think was us is because when he passed us and the on ramp he hit the brakes then when he saw us going on the on ramp he took the on ramp to a street thats parallel. i might be mistaken but most likely it was for us...

posted by  V-Tec

Unless he had a way to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was that car, with that license plate, commiting a traffic violation at that time at that place, then you are free. Seems to me like he can't, so don't worry.

posted by  dodgerforlife

The only way he can get that is if the cop actually got the full correct license plate....seems like it might be kind of hard..

posted by  dodgerforlife

If you're sure he didn't see your plates, you don't have to worry ... what could he do now? nothing ..

posted by  PowerOn

Most of the time, if a Cop pulls you over, you have to sign his paperwork which states what the violation was and that you agree to the ticket and have the right to appeal. Might be different in the US though. Also, even if he did see your plates, without photographic evidence, how is he supposed to make the charge stand? even Police Officers cant simply tell a court that a car was driving dangerously, without proof!...That's how speed cameras are such an easy way of catching motorists, because of the photo evidence. Even if he did clock you, it's hardly the worst traffic violation out there! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

What I was saying though, was that unlike a speed camera, a Cop cant see you doing something without CCTV, and merely post you a ticket. He'd have to pull you over, surely? But as you say, many Cop's have cameras in their vehicles anyway, in the US. In the UK, it's mainly only traffic cars and CCTV vans that have video recorders!

posted by  Cliffy

My opinion is that if you didn't get pulled over, you're scott free. Most cops do not have the time to go chasing "the one who got away," especially since they most likely had the tools to catch your friend right there and then, but chose to let him go.

I also agree that the cop may have been chasing somebody else. One time a cop pulled up really close right behind me with his lights on. The other lane was completely empty with no one ahead of us or behind us for at least a quarter mile. I changed lanes and he just kept right on going to pull over another driver. sometimes they get crazy like that, I think they figure it's a two for one deal. Scare one driver and give the other one a ticket. Either way you get the message across that it's not okay to speed :laughing:

Whoa... they've made the "edit" box even faster. Cool. :smoke:

posted by  JaneiR36

Wow, welcome back. Good to see ya here again! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

You only have rear plates? that's strange lol....Over here they've started to bring in forward facing Speed catch front number plates!

posted by  Cliffy

The main useage for them over here is to catch speeding drivers, which I'm all for, in the right places, It's when they put them on dual carriageways and motorways that it annoys me, as it's clearly revenue orientated! They use them at some traffic lights too!

Also to help collect city vehicle entry taxes in London too - remembering from my last visit to the UK in 2004

posted by  Cliffy

Why, thanks for the warm welcome, Cliffy :thumbs:

We're required to have front plates in my state but the only person who ever stressed over that was a gas attendant that asked a driver to turn his vehicle around at the gas pump so his rear plate would face their camera (he didn't have a front plate).

tbaxleyjr, since the original poster didn't actually get pulled over, it seems contact between the cop and the driver was never initiated and therefore any followup is likely to be a non-issue.

I wonder if cops get frustrated because they're just trying to rush away to address a separate issue but drivers get the deer caught in the headlights syndrome and freeze on the spot instead of clearing out of their way.

PS: tbaxleyjr, I've been away at other sites mainly learning about finances. I think it was a grieving process and I've finally come to accept the fact that I don't have a lot of money. :laughing:

posted by  JaneiR36

You're welcome :thumbs:

I can see where that could be an issue, I've seen it done over here a few times

I've seen that all too often aswell, drivers just seem to panic when they hear the siren. Sometimes it's difficult to locate where the emergency vehicle's coming from, although here in the UK, some of them have a siren that is supposed to 'penetrate' your ears (or something like that lol) so that you can establish where it's at. It's a kind of short, sharp BEEP lol. Generally speaking though, Cops etc know the problems, and their training usually helps them to get through the traffic regardless. I had an Ambulance behind me the other day with it's lights/siren on, who didn't seem to wanna use a bus lane....that just irritates me lol

I dont need a website to tell me that.....I just know lol

posted by  Cliffy

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